Saturday, October 5


In the university stakes, Wednesday was a big day.
Actually no. 'Big' does not do this incredible day justice.
This was... THE day.

And what exactly was this life changing event which every year brings 30,000 students together in 50 shades of green, maroon and white?

This was the day when Leeds Metropolitan were 'put in their place'.
This was varsity.
This was the dirtiest, most heart wrenching of affairs, fuelled by pride and a year's worth of bragging rights.

The competition runs deep, and being a hockey girl myself, I headed on down with some of my team mates to support the first teams dominate over the purple enemy of 'Met'.

The day itself has every single sport putting out the top three teams to compete in the local grudge matches. You simply pick the events you fancy seeing and go along to support.

Of course, its a pretty social occasion too and everyone on the side lines is having a drink, chanting and supporting the lads on the pitch.
The boy's first team match was pretty intense, a steady 1-1 for the majority of the game. After some questionable decisions from the referee, the timer sounded and the university team had a short corner.
If they scored... They won the match against Met.
I can't tell you how much of a big deal beating them is!

And the verdict?
They only just went and scored in the final seconds of the game!!!

And Met were just a little bit devastated...
(What a shame!)

But  I'm not just going to show you hockey.
Oh good gosh no!
The pinnacle of the sporting day is the 1st team rugby match in the enormous Leeds Carnegie stadium. A true grudge match!

With our double pints at the ready, we went off to go blag the best seats in the house.

(And show our true colours with a little face paint!)

(Now I'm not being offensive, but I'm afraid this is just how it is on varsity day.) This is the one day that Uni call themselves 'superior', 'posher', 'cleverer'... What ever phrase you choose to take. Its the elite Leeds Uni vs. Met Scum. (Don't worry- they have their own names for us, that's just part of the fun!)

Whilst both crowds (Met on one side, Uni on the other) worked on becoming sufficiently drunk, both were also entertained with bands, cheerleaders and the Leeds Gryphon mascot (which loved grinding up against and making the Met cheerleaders feel very awkward.)

Before we knew it... It was kick off! The lights alluminated the enormous grounds, the players started tackling and faffing around with balls, and the crowds began the chants.

Oh the chants!
Some are a little too rude to be spoken on line, (and I'm a lady after all), but it did feature the likes of:

"If you can't spell uni, go to Met"
"Your Dad works for my Dad"
"We pay your benefits"

(And of course the standard.... "UNAYYYYYY")

The Gryphon mascot obviously endorsed these and usually was the one starting them off!

The atmosphere is beyond incredible.
Everyone is happy, chanting, and even though uni did lose, it is such a merry affair that unites everyone there, regardless of if they like sports or not!

Met might have won, but we certainly shouted across the pitch and let Met know who was boss...
*Cough Cough*

So after the whole adrenaline rush of the rugby, cheesy chips were the cure to the Met victory heart break on the way home.
And how did we spend our varsity evening?

Partying with my hockey girls and raving it up at the sports social night out 'Score' (serious innuendo in the name there!)
Even though it wasn't the result that we had hoped for, varsity is one of the perks of the whole year.
It inspires everyone to join a sports team and unites the whole university for a common cause of beating the local Metropolitan rivals.
A little bit of friendly banter goes a long way!

Ahh... Student life is unbeatable!


  1. Oh the chants are always priceless!
    There are too many unis here in Brum for us to have a true Varsity match, but the playoffs against Lufbra are known to be crazy intense!
    Thanks for sharing another snapshot of your wonderful uni life with us Em
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me

    1. Literally one of the highlights of my whole year.
      I don't even think my words did Varsity justice... It's just.... Well ITS VARSITY!!!!

  2. I love how you describe the atmosphere, sounds like so much fun!! It's awesome how into the game people get!xx

  3. Gotta love a bit of uni rivalry. Varsity rivalry is just so intense. Being at Cambridge, Oxford were our varsity rivals and I always found it incredible how much effort, time and personal sacrifices the top sports teams used to make, with the sole objective of beating Oxford. Brutal.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Oh gosh yes, you can't get a much stronger rivallry than Oxbridge!! My family watch the boat race religiously every year- Brutal to say the least! x

  4. Uni life, eh! Great photos!


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