Friday, November 22

Durham: Flat White

After only a couple of hours sleep, Anna and I groggily awoke, peaking out from under a snuggly mountain of duvets. The rumbling of our stomachs and the bright light stretching through the window were clear signs that yes, it was time to get up and move about.

Durham was bright, cheery and busy on a Saturday morning and the beauty of the castle was stunning in daylight.
There was only one possible brunch option on the cards, but rumour has it Flat White is the local's favourite and the queue is constantly out of the door.
The warnings didn't phase me and my British instincts took over, I'm not afraid of a queue if the reward is valuable enough at the end!

Flat White is an adorable, quaint little hot spot located right in the centre of Durham. The only issue is the reputation of its incredible coffee and tiny size really do make it 'first come, first serve'.

But we didn't care about its high demand, in fact this just tempted us further. We snuggled on a bench outside, clutching the menus and trying to pick which hungover delight to devour whilst keeping a watchful eye for an open seat.

Before long, a large group of people bustled out the door and we lept up at the chance to take over the available table.

Ice cold water, cappuccinos, orange juice and their classic flat white coffee.
With dehydrated and fuzzy heads, these hit the spot like nothing else.

The interior is quirky, rustic and full of interesting little nic-nacs to keep your eyes amused.
Anna and I snuggled into our spot, chattering about the night before whilst we waited for our food to arrive.

Inevitably, I picked my favourite brunch option to settle my sore stomach- Creamy scrambled eggs on granary toast with Scottish smoked salmon.

Just the right size, just the right flavour and just the right hangover cure!

Anna and I are scarily similar and just like me, she was craving a fishy flavour; a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel was the only way to go!

Constantly bustling and chirpy in appearance, you could happily snuggle on the old wooden chairs, laptop and coffee in hand, for a few hours and just watch the world go by.

Such a pretty little hot spot in the centre of Durham that if you can get a table, I can't recommend its heart warming and delicious coffee enough. (It's worth the wait, I promise!)

We spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled in bed, coffee and cake from Flat White in hand, watching the England Rugby match.

Sometimes we all need a break, a little holiday from reality to take a deep breath and get some perspective on everything.
My spontaneous 24 hour escape to Durham did just that, a little breather for both me and of course my incredible friend Anna.

Utterly, utterly brilliant.



  1. I love your spontaneity! I probably need a sweet escape too. Flat White looks like a cool place for hang outs. :)

  2. I really need to get myself to Durham some time! It looks like such a pretty place.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Go for it Lucy, it is only a couple of minutes on the train from Newcastle, well worth a day trip! xx

  3. I've been here, it's so lovely!


  4. This looks like such a lovely place. Those river shots are incredible! The Cafe looks so cosy and quaint. Everyone is so smiley!

    Katie <3

    1. I know, just a little bit different from the bustling life in Leeds or London...Great little get-away! xx

  5. Mmmmm smoked salmon n eggies :)
    hello weekend breakfast
    x x

  6. It looks so cute here, it reminds me of Bill's



  7. Ok, so right now I've got a thumping headache & a horrid hangover and all I can think about now is scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, they look so scrummy!!!!!
    Flat White looks like such a lovely hidden gem!
    Beauty and a Cookbook

    1. Get on the smoked salmon Lottie! Best hangover cure ever... (That and a flat coke, cup of tea and a packet of biscuits!) xx

  8. ahh yay you went! knew you'd love it! xxxxx

    1. Course! I had to after your amazing advice! xxx

  9. You can never beat a bit of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs! This looks like such a cute little place to visit, I love independent caf├ęs. x

    1. Agreed Emma, if I had to have one breakfast for the rest of my life, this would win hands down! xx


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