Friday, November 29

Trinity Kitchen: Pho

Christmas is coming.
I am officially declaring it time to deck the halls, sing some carols and make up a steaming batch of buttery mince pies (recipe in the works!)
As you might have seen from one of my last posts, Anna is a jolly good friend of mine and she showed me an incredible weekend in Durham last week.
I'm a girl of equalities and I thought it only fair to repay the favour, Leeds style.

There is a brand new feature in Trinity, the incredible shopping centre that I wrote about last year, and I'm appalled in myself that it has taken me so long to visit.
Trinity Street Kitchen is bright, unique and full to the brim of delicious delicacies. You can smell the aroma of scents from the end of the long corridor leading to its golden gates.

There is an incredible array of different food stalls and we had the impossible decision of choosing which one to delve into.

I'm going to try to visit all of the stalls over the course of the year, so do not fret, I'll give a 'photo shoot' and review of each and everyone.
But in the mean time, here is a little insight as to what Trinity Street Kitchen has to offer and as to what you can expect to be flooding my blog posts in the future...

English Fish & Chips?

Slow roasted pulled pork wraps assembled in front of your eyes?

Sweet, thai pork curry?

A charming British cream tea?

A hearty British burger stacked up with a million toppings?

An elegant mojito or two?

Some finger licking ribs?

Or maybe even Make-Your-Own fajitas and tacos?

Whilst all of these delicious treats were ridiculously tempting, one stood out amongst the rest for Anna & I.
We were in awe of Vietnamese style Pho; we could smell the incredible spices and see the enormous wok pans smoking away in the background.

Whilst we waited for our food to whiz out, we gulped down our incredibly refreshing juices crammed full of ginger, carrot, pineapple and fresh mint.
The perfect palette cleanser before our feast!

Luckily Trinity wasn't very busy since we arrived quite early in the evening, before we had even sipped half of our delicious juices, the buzzer was flashing like crazy.
It was food time!

And what exactly was Anna's reaction when I brought over the two enormous trays piled high with food?

Oh that reaction was well deserved!
First up was the 'Goi Cuon', (veggie spring rolls to us English speakers).

Light, refreshing and zingy when delicately dipped in the sweet dipping sauce.

Next up was the 'Muc Chien Gion' (tender fried baby squid) which gave a delicious crunch was each and every bite.

For our main course we were both stuck as to what was best to order. It was all rather overwhelming and we just wanted to try everything possible.
Eventually we settled for their shredded chicken salad with Asian herbs, peppers & a chilli dressing (pictures above and below), followed by the chicken Vermicelli noodles.( This dish contained rice noodles with a lemongrass & chilli wok-fried topping and served with fresh herbs, beansprouts & peanuts.)

Both of us without a doubt agreed that the shredded chicken salad was our firm favourite from the whole meal. It was crunchy, sweet, light and refreshing. (Exactly what you need if you are going on a night out and need to fit into a tight dress!) It hit the spot without being sickly or overpowering in flavour and worked as an absolute treat for the taste buds.

Trinity Kitchen. Wow.
I had heard a lot, the press had built up the hype and the rumour mill had been running at full steam ahead... But I must say I was impressed. It felt individual even though based on a large scale and the variety of well cooked food is mind blowing.
Pho certainly gave Trinity a 10/10 for my first visit, it delivered on price, atmosphere and most importantly the food itself.
The next question however is... Will my next visit be as great as Pho!?



  1. That looks remarkably like food I actually had in Vietnam, and from your descriptions sounds like it was just as tasty too!

    B xxx

    1. Wow Bridget, jealous that you were able to try the real deal! Bet it tasted amazing! xx

  2. Deeeeelicious :) You've now given me a major hankering for Asian food. I'm so glad you enjoyed Trinity Kitchen too - it's such a great idea for a place. I feel that more shopping centres should have them....but maybe that would stop them being so individual...?hmm
    Also, you're looking stunning x x

    1. I owe you for the recommendation, I'm definitely trying the Chicago Rib Shack ASAP... Thanks Ibbs, you always come out with charming comments! xx

  3. OK wow I really really need to get to Leeds! Amazing photos as always :)


    1. Thanks Sophie, I can't recommend Leeds enough! xx

  4. Looks like there are so many incredible places to try out! I'm so jealous. I keep meaning to take a visit to Leeds to see my friends (and you of course) but never quite get around to going!

    Katie <3

  5. I've heard about this place, and the food looks delicious!

    Hmm maybe...


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