Saturday, December 28

Christmas Day

Another year, another Christmas.
I hope everyone had an absolute cracker and you're all still suffering from a ridiculous food coma (I certainly am!)
More of a picture post today, but I thought I would share just a couple of snaps from the best day of the year.

In one of our family's Christmas traditions, the brandy was whacked out and the mince pies scoffed on Christmas Eve, (followed by the new tradition of cheesy Christmas jumpers!)

We woke bright eyes on Christmas morning, and snuggled in our pj's with a strong cup of coffee in hand to open all of our presents.

(The stocking fillers are always the edible bits and pieces, and it isn't Christmas without a Terry's Chocolate Orange!)

After we had been left grinning from ear to ear under the tree, Mum started prepping the turkey and the jokes about what fine breasts it had started to roll in.

Whilst the juicy bird was roasting in the aga, it was time to head out on a rather muddy dog walk in the flooded fields.

Upon our arrival back, the champagne corks were popped and it was time to stuff ourselves silly!

After two helpings of turkey and three of Christmas pudding with rum sauce (all home made by my Mother who really should be the new Delia...), I was suffering from a significant food coma.

The annual game of family monopoly was postponed until Boxing Day (which always gets very heated!) and so the rest of the day was spent snuggled on the sofa watching tv, eating the occasional chocolate or two and laughing as my dad nodded off every now and again.

Christmas is always amazing, but this year was just that little bit more special than the rest.
I hope you have all had a cracker, time to get ready for the New Year!



  1. Looked like a lovely day to me! I'm glad you had traditional Christmas pud for dessert too - too many chocolate brownies and sticky toffee puddings around for my liking!

    Very nice jumpers too!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline, hope yours was smashing too! Oh good god yes! It's the Christmas pudding which has been sat under a bed for a year to mature- it isn't Christmas without it! (But we did save the trifle & the chocolate roulade for Boxing Day...!) xx

  2. Looks like such a wonderful Christmas!
    Is that a Dean & DeLuca bag I spot?? Did you get it on your last America trip?
    You look amazing by the way =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. It was indeed! My parents actually snuck a couple of goodies back with them from their recent NY trip (lucky for some!)
      Aww thanks Teffy, aren't you a charmer?! xx

  3. Oh Em, what a completely gorgeous Christmas! Such a stark contrast in scenery to ours which was spent on the beach with a bbq for Christmas Dinner. I do long for a northern hemisphere christmas again...and a British one at that! Wishing you a beautiful New Years Lovely. Thanks for all the fantastic posts this year! xx Em

    1. Thanks Em! I can't imagine a Christmas in the sweltering heat... BBQ instead of a turkey? It's my pleasure Em, adored all of yours too. Hope you had a smashing NY & Christmas with the boys! (You're always welcome far up north!) xx

  4. i LOVE how your clock even gets a festive wreath :)
    Looks like a fabby dabby day all round x x x

    1. Haha I'm not going to lie... These are just the main decorations. Our house always ends up like Santa's grotto! xx

  5. LOVE the Christmas jumper picture. Your Christmas looks so active compared to mine! I just ate and lay on the sofa!

    Love everything about yours - beautiful pictures!

    Katie <3


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