Tuesday, December 3

Down at the Docks

This weekend I hopped on a train to Liverpool to give my good friend Pip a well earned visit. We had ooh-ed and ahhh-ed for over a year of when the best time would be; finally we found a gap when we both could miss our hockey matches and have a jolly good catch up.

Feeling a little bit tender in the morning after a rather incredible night out, Pip and I met up with some of our old school friends for a spot of lunch and a walk around the docks.
I wasn't intending to pop on a blog post about Liverpool at all, but the docks blew me away.

We wandered around the restaurants edge, eyed up the enormous ship hooked up in the docks and gazed in awe at the sunset reflections.

We really did happen to go at the perfect time.
The sunset was... Wow.

Not one of my most informative blog posts, but one that I just had to share the memories of. It was a beautiful, stunning and memorable sight in a historically significant location. (For me as a history nerd currently studying WW2 bombings, this was a dream: I'm a cool kid I know. It was incredible to think of the docks and the past that it has seen...)

I'll give you this Pip, even though I'm still sold that Leeds is top dog, Liverpool is rather special to say the least.


  1. You have the perfect photos! I love the sunsets photos you took! :)

  2. I went to Liverpool for a weekend last year and had SUCH a fun time - the nightlife is crazy!

    I just had to Google what the relevance was of having an Elvis statue in the heart of Liverpool - turns out it's Billy Fury! That makes much more sense! :p

    Beautiful sunset photographs

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  3. That sunset looks incredible! Never even considered going to Liverpool and I have no friends at Uni there or anything... perhaps I should reconsider?...

  4. What a stunning sunset Emily! how amazing that you managed to catch it so beautifully. The gold reflection from the buildings beside the boat is magical!

    Katie <3

  5. Gosh it really was the perfect time, these pictures are beautiful!

    Hmm maybe...

  6. Such a beautiful sunset, looks like you had a great day.


  7. Lovely pictures, especially the ones of the sunset!
    So great when we visit friends isn't it? Sucks when we're apart but whenever you get together again it's just like old times =)

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  8. Wow Em, totally stunning. It's beautiful how nature can just take your breath away
    x x x


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