Monday, December 16

Home For Christmas

My last lecture has ended, my final piece of work handed in and all of those loose ends snugly tucked away.
Yes ladies & gents... It is Christmas time and that means one thing: Home.
Hoorah! Home time could not come soon enough.

But before I headed off home for three weeks of solid revision, comfort food and a slobbering chocolate Labrador, Immy and I decided to visit the Christmas market for one final time.

It looks awfully different in the day, (especially with the glum English drizzle!)

Nevertheless, we both shopped around and bought a Christmas gift or two for our loved ones before heading on into the city centre.

Of course we couldn't resist buying some chocolate coated marshmallows first. We persuaded ourselves that we needed the sugar high for hours of hellish Christmas shopping ahead.

Finally after eyeing up multiple Bratwurst sausages, we tore ourselves away and headed off onto the high street. With chestnuts roasting and musicians blasting out the classic festive tunes, under the sparkling Christmas lights it isn't half hard to not feel the sentimental seasonal spirit.

The upmarket Victoria Quarter was mind blowing, full of silver and shimmering lights and happy customers shuffling along ladden with heavy bags.

The perfect way to end an incredible semester. (I would show you my amazing purchases but I'm fairly sure those involved will be reading this!) 

Leeds you've been a cracker. 
I'll miss you for the next three weeks and see you in the New Year but oh my gosh... It's Christmas!!!


  1. Love these photos! Germany seriously does Christmas right :)
    x atelier zozo

  2. Your photos are gorgeous as ever :)


  3. Beautiful photos, especially the first one.

    This post has just made me feel even more festive! I wish everything was covered in fairy lights all the time and not just at Christmas! Very tempted not to take mine down...

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. I haven't been to any Christmas markets yet, shame on me!
    Looks so lovely, makes even the drizzliest of days magical and festive.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. Oh my god this looks like so much fun! I get off for break on Thursday! I am currently counting down the minutes! <3 Erica

  6. The photos are sooo grand. I can see why you had such a great time! Happy holidays :)

  7. I like your all Christmas photos, nice holiday~
    Merry Christmas <3

  8. YAY you're coming hooooome!
    Is it wrong that I actually like the snowman in the snow globe? He looks like such a happy chappy
    x x x


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