Monday, December 23

Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas...

Yes my charming readers, it is only 24 hours and counting until we all head off to bed before the big day!
It has been a little bit hectic at home trying to get everything ready in time, so I thought I would quickly show you what I've been up to for the past few days.

Sunny dog walks before the big storm have been a necessity this week, it is amazing how much you miss the countryside, muddy fields and sheep when living in a city.

Meet our new pet Rudolph...

My family and I have one charming tradition called the 'Snow Village' and for as long as I can remember it has been my job to set everything up, (with my dad's help of course).
We've picked up all the pieces individually with each visit to America, everything is made out of fine porcelain and set around the classic Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol.

A typical quintessential snow scene showing chestnuts roasting, Christmas pudding shops and elegant ice skaters... I'm sure you can imagine how fixated I was with each character as a five year old!
Plus, the whole set lights up at night just to give that little bit of extra Christmas magic!

Tree wise, we went for a different tact this year. Usually we buy one enormous tree that dominates the very low ceilinged room in our house, but instead this year we've bought two smaller ones. My parents and I decorated the one below to bring some festive cheer into the house and welcome my brother and grandmother home.

But today we got to decorate the second tree, it only feels like Christmas after all until the whole house is home!
However, this tree is just a little bit different. In every single place where my family and I have travelled, my brother and I have always picked a Christmas decoration each to remind us of our time. (We've built up quite a stock over the past 21 years!)
So, in the festive season I thought that I would show you a couple of my favourites:

The 2012 London Olympic Games.

(Of course followed by the Queen's Golden Jubilee crown.)

A big black bear doing a snow angel from Jasper, Canada.

Poker chips (turned into a decoration) from Las Vegas, USA.

A glittering glass star from the Millennium in 2000.

Shimmering yellow cab baubles from New York.

A space shuttle from visiting the Kennedy Space Centre this summer in Florida.

Daffy Duck (bought age five in Disney, Florida.)

Glass blown bauble from Sydney, Australia.

And finally a handmade and recycled coke can fairy from Cape Town, South Africa.

These are to name but a few, but they are the decorations which I can't help but love above the others!

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have a cracking day and stuff yourselves full of delicious turkey!

(P.S. I've got a cracking recipe for you on Christmas Day...)


  1. Not long to go now!

    Merry Christmas lovely - I hope you have a wonderful time. Hope to see you and the others in the New Year! :D

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. That's such a great idea with picking up Christmas decorations in each place and I love the snow village! I can't wait to start new traditions when I'm older, haha - as of right now it's shot glasses & the tackiest things I can find from the places I visit!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your house is just to cute at Christmas, i love it.

    Happy Christmas!

  4. One of my friends does a snow village too! One of their huge windowsills is covered in lights and cotton wool and made to look like a ski village!
    I love the second tree with all the decorations, we have something similar to that in our hall!!
    Have a lovely Christmas my deary, hopefully see you on the other side (Ibbs and I have been whispering about a blogger meet up!
    Lottie xx
    Beauty and a Cookbook

  5. so cute!
    just came across your blog! Can't wait to see more
    merry christmas!!!! x

  6. Those collected baubles are so lovely! Have a great Christmas :) x

  7. Beautiful decorations! That Christmas village is adorable!

    Katie <3

  8. I meant to comment the day you posted this but I compleetely forgot. Your photos are to die for - I literally love these piccies so much. Especially the last one, can't get enough of the infoucs/out-of-focus thing at the mo! Also your traditions about bringing tree decs from around the world is so cute!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - it sure looks like you did. XXX

  9. Your decorations are beautiful I hope you had a lovely Christmas!



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