Friday, December 6

Lazy Day Mince Pies

For my first Christmas recipe, I simply had to whip up a batch of mince pies. It would be a sin against mincemeat and all things sweet to neglect the craving that is building rapidly in my student house.
(Apparently the way to the hearts of the seven hungover boys is in fact through mince pies...Who knew?!)

I have two mince pie recipes, one is made from complete scratch (and my father's personal favourite), the other is simple, easy and a quick fix when the sugar spiced craving fast approaches.
However with the last few deadlines approaching and time running thin, spending hours making my own mincemeat and pastry simply isn't possible.

These mince pies save the day.
An infinity better than the cheap shop bought versions and they only cost about £3-4 to make twelve buttery bites.

Add a little dusting of icing sugar, don the Santa hat and embrace the admiration of all of your friends who think you are the new Nigella.

To be honest, December for my family and I is basically a mince pie eating contest, the more the merrier! (And yes eating them for breakfast is not a cardinal sin!)

To make your own batch of Lazy Day Mince Pies, you will need:

- 1 packet of shop bought shortcrust pastry (You can also use puff pastry but the texture is very different)

- 1 jar of mincemeat
- 1 beaten egg for the glaze

And that is everything. Simple!

Preheat your oven to 180C/160 fan and lightly dust a work surface with some flour.
Unroll your pastry pack and spread out with a rolling pin until about 1cm thick.

Grab a muffin tray (or a mince pie one if you are lucky enough to have one), and grease each hole well.

Grab two circular cutters, one large enough to completely cover the muffin hole and the other one size smaller. 

Cut out twelve large circles and delicately place them inside each hole.

Crack open the jar of mincemeat and add a good heaped tablespoon into each pastry shell.

Top each mince pie with the smaller pastry circle. (If you fancy closed/traditional mince pies, use your finger to gently press the side to the top. Alternatively just place on a smaller circle for the 'open topped' approach, a cute little star looks a treat too!)

Beat an egg and give each mince pie a thorough coating; this will give that beautiful, golden pastry shine.

Slide into the oven for about 18-20 minutes, allow to cool (mincemeat is hot... Trust the girl who burnt all of her mouth being an eager beaver), and devour.

We only really get to eat mince pies for 1/12 of the year, so we might as well stuff our stomachs full while we can!

Cheap, simple and delicious. Truly the perfect quick fix for a student or anyone with a hectic timetable.
Even though I do love making them from scratch (I'll pop that recipe up later in the month), you can't beat a buttery bite of Christmas made up in only about thirty minutes.

Excuse me whilst I go and finish my tenth...


  1. great minds think alike- I've just put my mince pie recipe up too! yours looks DELICIOUS!- I want to move into your house!! xxxxx

  2. That looks delicious!
    I've never had home made mince pies before.. feel like I am seriously missing out here!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  3. Well, I'm an awful cook...but I think I'm going to have to try them because they look awesome...wish me luck!

  4. Yuuum! Gotta try this, I've never ever made mince pies before but this seems like a good entry-level recipe! xx

  5. Yummy yummy! Would love to see the other recipe too or is it secret?!

    Katie <3

  6. Yes yes yes :) Totally ditto with the family December many as possible, at any time of day :D
    And lovely presentation too missy, the leaves and baking parchment looks a treat
    x x x


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