Sunday, December 8

Leeds German Christkindelmarkt

The Christmas spirit is taking over. My endless collection of Christmas jumpers are being worn religiously, I'm on my sixth batch of mince pies and the present panic buying is beginning.
One thing is missing though...
In Leeds, it isn't Christmas until the Bratwurst sausages are munched, the steins seen off and the caramelised nuts nibbled.
Yes, it is German Christmas Market time!

Flick, Jenny, Kirsty & I headed on down to the city centre with rumbling stomachs in search of some comforting Christmas grub.
But before hitting up the famous beer tent, we decided to have a gander around the shimmering stalls.

Whilst Jenny & Flick went off hunting for some Bratwurst sausages, Kirsty & I were fancying something a little bit sweeter.
Can you beat a decent crepe? I think not!

Swirled out in front of our eyes, they tasted identical to those devoured Apr├Ęs-skiing in the Alps.

We both went for the best combination possible, sweet banana and molten Nutella.
As you can tell from my Cheshire Cat grin, I was a happy girl.

Having had a wander around, we decided to head into the jolly tent before the queue ended up around the block.
The German beer tent is always heaving, full of merry tunes and jolly punters swigging their steins.

Even Immy & Emma came and joined us with a hot spiced mulled wine.
It was a group reunion like no other... Singing Bavarian tunes, ABBA & Gloria Gaynor in a tent lit up like Santa's grotto!

Of course I pulled out my best air guitar for 'Don't Stop Believing'... The cheesier the dance moves the better here!

I think my photos say it all... The merriest of atmospheres with the greatest of company.
Why can't Christmas time be of all the time?!


  1. Ohhh that nutella and banana crepe! I think my mouth is salivating, I really really want this so badly!

    Oh no!:( haha! Your hair looks phenomenal Emily, what beauty!


    1. Literally the best flavour combination in existence! Thanks Flora, really sweet of you :) xx

  2. What a lovely night =)
    I love love love nutella crepes! So jealous, I haven't had one in ages!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

    1. First one in a long time... Can't believe I waited so long! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I love it! I actually just went to the Christmas Market in Chicago, and wrote about it as well! There's something so amazing about the little German Christmas markets! Loved your photos, looks like a great time.

    1. Love the post! So cute that Chicago have them too! xx

  4. LOVE that shot of the 2 steins clinking and the bokeh in the background - beaut :D
    Reading this post has reminded me I need to return to the Brum German Market...thursday date I think so
    x x x

    1. Can't beat a good stein clink! Can't wait for your brum post though Ibbs! xx

  5. This looks like so much fun :)


  6. This looks awesome! Definitely got the crepe combination right there!

    Katie <3

  7. I can't resist a good German market!

    That crepe looks incredible! Good combo

    Hmm maybe...


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