Thursday, January 30

Primos, Leeds Corn Exchange

My friend Immy and I have for weeks and weeks been meaning to try Primos.
I've followed them on Twitter for yonks, their Instagram feed has always had me drooling and it has been way too long since I've had a proper hot dog.
In other words... A trip was well overdue!

Immy & I trekked over to the Corn Exchange, just off of the main high street in Leeds, with our stomachs grumbling ferociously.

Instantly, we were over whelmed by the menu. It took us a good ten minutes to decide what to feast upon.
(I just stood there for a good five watching the sausages roll up and down...It was like snake charming but with sausages!)

We eventually picked two hot dogs & a huge plate of 'special fries' to share.
Snuggling down in some rather squishy chairs, we played around with our 'little lady' table sign and began nattering away.

(Whilst we were nattering away, I couldn't help but admire some of Immy's shopping purchases. I just had to take a shot of this dress from Ark, the pattern would never have suited me, but on Immy it looked jaw dropping.)

But then....The food arrived.
Oh. My. Gosh.
If you are on a diet look away, there is some serious food porn coming your way.
Brace yourself...

These fries were from their New York special selection, unfortunately I can't remember exactly what they were, nor can I find out online. But all I can remember is that they were vaguely along the lines of..."spicy, sweet onion & cheese fries".
They were without a doubt, the best smothered fries that I have ever had, no word of a lie.

I'm not usually a toppings kind of girl... But these were just incredible. Both Immy & I tucked in at the most enthusiastic of rates. We just couldn't stop!

But then, there were the hot dogs.
First up, the Utah.

A fluffy sweet bun cuddling a thick, juicy Bratwurst sausage, all smothered in molten Monterey Jack cheese and topped with crunchy bits of bacon.
This was my winner.
I could have eaten at least three of these!

Next up, the Matador.
A chunky chorizo sausage topped with Monterey Jack cheese, tomato salsa and chopped white onions.

It didn't take long for us to get stuck in.
We were starving and eager to have the worst of food comas.

Easily demolished in a mere fifteen minutes, we laid back, took a breath and reviewed what a marvellous miracle had just occurred.

If you are ever in Leeds & fancy a quiet place for an affordable, filling and tasty lunch, head over to Primos. (I hear they are also open in the White Rose Shopping Centre & Xscape too!)
It's great value for money, they have a 10% student discount and the hotdogs are a cracking quality.

Food comas in tact, it was time to do some shopping & attempt to squeeze our bulging stomachs into some new clothes.
We had spent weeks waiting to go to Primos, and by George, it did not disappoint!


  1. Adding this to my ever growing list of things to do up north…! Very brave of you to wear white!! X

    1. Welcome up any time! Brave indeed...luckily not a stupid mistake! xx

  2. Why oh why did I read this when I'm starving hungry?! That hotdog looks fit for a king and I want it NOW.

    Looking geeeorgeous as usual :D

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Apologies! I think I might have swayed one or two people off of the diet band wagon... My bad! xx

  3. You look stunning as always, but all that food? Definite lookers!
    Just want to eat it all and share none of it!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. Aww thanks Teffy! I'm not going to lie, Immy & I kind of regretted sharing the chips... We definitely needed a whole basket each! xx

  4. Can't believe I didn't find this place when I was at Leeds uni! My student loan would definitely disappeared alot faster..

    Any recommendations for a place me and my vegetarian friend can go next week when we re-visit Leeds?

    1. Mine is disappearing at a silly rate... I never knew you went to Leeds! Best university ever for sure?!
      Are you staying in the city centre? Trinity Street Kitchen is a sure fire bet and great for a lunch stop off... Or are you meaning for dinner? xx

    2. Oh definitely the best!
      Ok will give the Street Kitchen a go, also thinking of stopping off at Mrs Athas for cake (another spot I missed in my 3 years in Yorkshire!) xx

  5. Now I really really really want a hotdog! And omg those fries. Mouth is watering just reading this post x

    1. Food porn is surprisingly becoming my speciality... I'm drooling myself! x

  6. Aaah I hope they have a veggie option, it looks delicious!!xx

  7. I have been wanting to visit Leeds for ages but I think this just sealed the deal - it looks incredible!


  8. That was some proper food porn, it had made me starving. There isn't a Primos near me which is so disappointing, but at least i know where to visit if i visit Leeds.


    1. Definitely do Grey, it is beyond delicious. Well worth a stop by! xx

  9. Hahaha sausages like snakes being charmed :) - brilliant.
    When we were little and used to go out for naughty meal with Daddy, I'd always go for the hot dog and Ells would choose a burger, ah how I miss those days.
    I feel like hot-dogs are a really under-rated part of life and I only seem to have them at the Christmas Markets nowadays.
    x x x

    p.s. you look jaw droopingly stunning as ever, go get obese please :D
    {The Lobster & Me}

  10. Why do this to me Emily? I'm hungry now - the chips look incredible! You also look absolutely stunning! Still so jealous of your hair!

    Katie <3

  11. THOSE FRIES!! Oh my gosh, they look like heaven. Also, your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I come from a whole family of red heads and I'm the little brunette ... super jealous.


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