Monday, February 10

Duck & Waffle, London

On Valentines Day, I am turning 20 years old.
Yep, that's right, the teenage years are soon to be behind me and I can no longer pretend that adulthood is just a distant dream.
I'm fully intending to milk my birthday celebrations as much as possible (it is only one day out of 365 after all), and this weekend has been the perfect kick start.

I've heard about the Duck & Waffle continuously in the blogging world, its reputation seriously precedes itself and all I've heard is the highest of praise.
Of course, when my parents asked if I would like to visit for an early birthday treat, I leapt at the chance.

Giddy with excitement, my brother, his girlfriend Charlotte, my mum and myself bound into the elevator at the bottom of Heron Tower.
My dad on the other hand, needed some convincing. Heights are definitely not his thing and a glass elevator forty floors high was not particularly appealing.
Regardless, we coached him in with promise of a strong coffee and zoomed on up to the top floor.

The bar alone blew my mind.

The interior was beyond cool.
But one thing easily trumped its quirky style, just check out that view.

You can see the whole of London from a multitude of angles and this alone made the trip memorable, special & mind blowing.
We were comfortably sat for a good few hours staring out of the windows and it never once grew tiresome.

Whilst admiring the crystal blue skies, we nattered, caught up on each others lives and sipped on some mimosas whilst we waited for our brunch.

My parents both chose the English breakfast which included: pork & herb sausages, two eggs any style, organic duroc bacon, grilled tomatoes, field mushrooms, hash browns, Scottish black pudding and sourdough toast.

Ben picked a serious winner, their toasted pbj.
Crisp brioche, banana, peanut butter & strawberry jam (but the big boy Ben obviously chose to ramp it up with a fried duck egg & maple glazed bacon.)

I picked the Columbian eggs with avocado & smoked salmon. (Always a winning combination!)

And last but not least, Charlotte chose their unique spicy ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam.

I had a little nibble of each dish and everything was phenomenal. Both my parents agreed that the English breakfast was filling and tasty, my eggs were cooked to perfection and both Ben & Charlotte's rather wacky combinations were mouth-wateringly good.
I was sure that I would love the pbj as it is one of the best combinations known to man (in my opinion), but I was a little bit sceptic of the ox cheek doughnut... Oh how wrong I was to have been!
It was unlike anything that I've tasted before.
Just wow.

We watched the black clouds roll in, the rain begin to pour and the rainbows shimmer all around us. I really don't even think my words are doing this setting enough justice!

Naturally, we were all a little bit full at this stage, but that did not stop us from ordering a dessert each.
I was not turning down that opportunity!

My father chose their steamed orange pudding with crème caramel ice cream and grand mariner custard.
It looked unbelievably pretty as it sat delicately within the bright blue bowl. But from a man who is very much so your classic English gent that loves a joint of roast beef and the traditional pudding to follow, he was more than impressed with their twist on a classic.

My mum's vanilla baked Alaska with strawberry liquor and mint oil stole the show on appearance. It looked a little like a squidgy hedgehog, oozing with the vibrant lime green mint oil.

Of course, (how did nobody see this choice coming?!) I picked their dark chocolate sundae with peanut crunch.

Just... Perfect. Crisp peanut butter brittle, sweet ice cream and delicious chocolate. It didn't just hit the spot, it pounded it to the ground and made sure it could never quite recover.

And of course, we couldn't go to the Duck & Waffle and not order their signature dish. It would be a cardinal sin in my eyes.

Once again, I was sceptic... A waffle, crispy leg confit, a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. Really?!

The sweet syrup and the waffle would always have been a match in heaven, but with the duck & the egg, it was a flavour triumph.
There is definitely a reason why this stunning restaurant is named purely after this dish and the endless hype that I've heard certainly did the dish justice!

With our stomachs feeling content and full, we waited until the rain had settled before emerging back outside (we could see the looming weather after all in the far distance!)

The Duck & Waffle really is a London gem situated in one of the best locations possible. (Just imagine the view on New Years Eve with all of the fireworks!)
But what really impressed us was its value for money. Compared to other London locations, it will not break your bank balance but it delivered to a very high standard on food, service and impressions.

(I also love the fact that it is open 24/7. A post night out ox cheek doughnut sounds like the holy grail compared to some cheap local takeaway!)

I spent the rest of the weekend with my brother, his girlfriend Charlotte & her lovely housemates. We ended up going out in Mayfair and heading out the next morning for the best hung over brunch possible.
Apologies here, I was planning on blogging about brunch and the restaurant really did deserve a post, but I was feeling way too ropey to make the effort. As far as I was concerned, the eggs benedict & bacon in front of me was my only priority! (I guess I will just have to visit again....)

This weekend was definitely the best early birthday celebrations that I could have asked for. The Duck & Waffle is by far one of my favourite posts that I've written in my year of blogging and I'm sure this post will help these memories become ingrained in my memory for a very long time.

Heron Tower
110 Bishopgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310



  1. Loved this Em - your photos are amazing ! It really was such a great day, think I'm still in food heaven! I'll pop my post up soon :)

    Charlotte Mostly

    1. Thanks Char :) I'm definitely up for another trip... Cocktails this time? x

  2. Ok, seriously girl you have upped your game in the photography stakes. Did you get a new camera?! Your photos have always been lovely but these take it to a whole other level! What a lovely day out! Also, I never quite realised how flat London is?! Haha. OMG. Stay a teenager for as long as possible! Don't turn 20! Although, saying that, my 20th year was actually one of my favourites!

    The baked Alaska looks other-worldly! I still have never been to Duck and Waffle - must make a visit at some point!

    P.S. is Charlotte (above) your brothers gf? Just started following her blog!

    Katie <3

    1. Thanks Katie! Nope, no new camera. I got a new lens a few weeks back but I'm only really just getting used to it now as it's a lot more complicated than my old one. Lots more fun though!
      It was sublime. My mum definitely picked a cracking dessert to have, (having said that they were all very good!)

      Yep, the very same Charlotte! Please do follow her blog, she is an amazing writer at uni so I'm sure her blog is going to be one to watch in the future too! xx

  3. Oh good lord, I can't decide whether I like the view or the food porn more. And I scrolled up and down three times to try to make up my mind...
    Looks absolutely fantastic, all of it, everything!
    And almost happy birthday to you.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Try having it in front of you! I was torn between devouring the food or pressing my nose up against the glass windows! (Of course, I chose the food as it was closer).

  4. Oh gaawd food there is so so good isn't it? I had the duck & waffle itself as well and fell completely in love. Perfect mix of sweet and savoury.
    Also, the killer views are a definite bonus.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. Oh my dearest Emily, what a wonderful talent you have - both your way with words and your ability to take such drool worthy photos.
    Pretty please can I just bask in your glory?
    So much love for this post and your fam :) I'm all for extending birthdays for as long as poss
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Oh Ibbs, you flatter me too much!! Very kind words but I'm simply a girl with a camera. No demi Goddess tributes I'm afraid! xx

  6. Everything looks amazing! I love your pictures.

  7. Oh wow the interior looks amazing, and so does the FOOD mmmm!! What a great birthday day too ahaxx

  8. As soon as you sent me that snap chat I was on here like a rocket!
    That view.
    But those million dollar shots of the duck & waffle? I think they might trump the view, this really is on my hit list of places to go!
    Much love L xx
    Beauty & a Cookbook

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed it here! It was just one of my favourite restaurant visits of last year - the combination of sweet and sour in their dishes is fantastic and the location and décor - just wow!

    Your photos are amazing, have you got a new camera? Makes me want to go back there asap, even just for a couple of cocktails :)

    Have a fabulous 20th birthday my lovely. Did you know that you have the same birthday as Robbie Williams? I remember his birthday is on Valentines too because I used to be obsessed with him.

    Can't wait to see what you get up to celebrate!

    Caroline xxx
    Cocktails and Caroline

  10. This food looks unbelievable!


  11. Great post! Love your photos :)
    The Glee Project

  12. Oh my goodness! This all looks so delicious, and your photos are gorgeous x


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