Wednesday, February 26

Instagram Catch Up

Apologies in advance.
The blog may be a little bit quieter than usual for a week or two as life is currently jam packed with assessment centres & history essays. (Yay!)
Of course this probably means that there will be a ridiculous amount of procrasti-baking to follow, but before I roar up the heat of the ovens, here's a little update in my Instagram feed.

The giant clock in the Musee D'Orsay in Paris.
(It feels like a century ago when Kathy, Anna & I visited in the summer.)

The beautiful windows of Notre Dame, Paris.

Chilling with the dolphins in Sea World, Florida.

Quite possibly the best shrimp restaurant ever, themed on Forrest Gump.

Chicago airport certainly takes lighting to a whole new level!

The best Sundays at home.
Homemade soup, the rugby on & a dog by your feet.

Train tripping to Durham.

A pretty sunset from our back garden in Leeds.

The Christmas lights in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds.

Blue skies at home on Christmas Day.

Two photos of proof that I am sticking to my new years resolution of practising my bread making skills!

My new favourite spot for a hung over breakfast, The Greasy Pig.
Definitely not the classiest of establishments, but expect a heart attack of a blog post coming in the near future....

And again... Round two.

Train tracks at dawn on the way to work.

Snuggled up in a million scarves from the winter winds outside.

My favourite bakery in Headingley, Love Rouge, which I can happily say has just opened a stall in the Trinity Street Kitchen!

My current lunch obsession, poached eggs, bacon & avocado salad. ADDICTED.

Throw Back Thursday to Jenny & my trip to 'The Alchemist' in Trinity, Leeds.

Amazing artwork whilst shopping in Trinity.

A night out in Mayfair with my big brother Ben & his lovely girlfriend Charlotte.

The stunning view from my new lecture theatre. My Instagram now has a weekly shot of this view, I just can't get enough of it!

Brick Lane, London.

Who ever said students don't eat well has obviously never been to my house, M&S steak is becoming a weekly special.

Being photo bombed on our last hockey social, dressed in the theme 'Chav Night'. No these girls are not usually that orange and no bright pink velour tracksuits are not my style!

A beast of a burger at Cattlegrid, an incredible steak house in Leeds that I will just have to blog about when my parents are next in town.

My new skinny motivation lunch box. It still makes me smile every time I ping the elastic back, easily pleased aren't I?!

And finally, my favourite picture of them all.
We went to Cattlegrid for my house mate Rory's 21st and managed to take a house photo with the honorary members (aka girl friends), all involved.
An amazing night, the best house & the perfect picture.

So sorry if I'm a little bit absent as of late, I'm going to try and not neglect you all. I promise!
In the mean time, feel free to give me a follow on Instagram & keep up to date with my little life.


  1. That Alchemist photo is so cute! Next week you can teach me how to look good in EVERY photo please ;) imogenscribbles (ooo look at me with my links)

    1. Yay, look at you getting in with all of the blogging lingo/links!
      We'll have a blogger date next week, definitely somewhere with some amazing food to photograph....xx

  2. LOVE YOU!!! Even when history essays and the big bad world of assessment centres steal you from us :)
    So nice to have some flashback holiday pics too - lets go jet setting please
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Wahh. I haven't started the essays yet, they are the next fortnight's job! I promise I won't let them kill my social life.
      Fancy a holiday? Can definitely plan it in Easter! xx

  3. Lots of things to get my mouth watering in there!

    Hope you're having lots of fun and it's not all work work work

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. It did actually worry me Caroline actually how many photos on my Instagram were food....Oh well!
      Don't worry, I'm definitely taking the 'work hard, play hard' approach.
      Won't be too long until deadline day is over & done with! xx

  4. Great photos, I really love the one of the sunset in your back garden it's just so beautiful! How on earth do you afford M&S steak?? Please tell me it's reduced :p when I'm at uni, I can't spend more than £15 a week on food :( good luck with all the work!!
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Thanks Lucy :) £15 a week!? Wow. I have no idea how you manage that but a serious well done! 3 for £10 on meat/fish, (and it's the same deal as Tesco...) BARGAIN! xx

  5. Oh gosh all these FOOD pics!! Yum... good luck with all the assessment centres and work, it can be a pretty intense time, you'll be fab :)


    1. Thanks Sophie :) Way too many food pictures....But I'm glad no one is complaining!! xx


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