Tuesday, February 18


After an incredible birthday night out at Fruity, Jenny, Hattie, Briony, Anna & myself snuggled down in bed for a couple of hours kip.
With our stomachs grumbling when we finally awoke in the morning *cough* I mean afternoon... We set out on the hunt of a decent lunch.

I've been to LS6 before, a long time ago. The food wasn't exactly great and the service was slow, but after promises from Jenny that the new chef had really turned this hot spot around, I was convinced to give it another go.

Luckily we managed to grab the last booth in the colourful, crammed cafĂ© full of sore heads and the bitter coffee & freshly pressed orange juice began flowing thick and fast.

Ever since I went to London last weekend and had the most perfect of eggs benedict, I've been craving hollandaise sauce. Call me crazy, but it has been appearing in my dreams.
Smothered in bacon, smoked salmon or asparagus, I wasn't being picky as long as I could settle those rather odd saucy pangs.

Of course I went for the poached eggs with smoked salmon & hollandaise on granary bread. (Sadly they had run out of avocado so missing out on my new obsession was a little annoying). But anyway, other than being a little bit cold, it hit the spot perfectly.

Hattie was still feeling a little bit drowsy (regardless of sleeping in until 2pm), but watching her face light up with the arrival of her full English breakfast was priceless.

Just a quick post today but one I felt should make an appearance on the blog to sum up a truly incredible birthday weekend.
We spent Saturday night snuggled in bed watching films and making fajitas before waking up to pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning.
Without a doubt, my perfect birthday weekend.
(Hopefully the return of normality won't be too disheartening!)


  1. Ahh nothing like food to bring you back to life after a night out!
    I also have an avocado obsession - it comes and goes, and now it's definitely on!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  2. What's the story behind the napkin?! I'm intrigued - you can't leave this curious cat hanging like that!!!
    WOWeewooo such a scrummy looking spread - pwetttttyyyyy please can I come visit sooooon - you have so many delicious place AND your sexy munchkin face
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  3. This place looks so cute, and the food looks delicious! A good breakfast is always a must after a night out - although it is more of a late lunch haha. x

    Georgina | headintheclouds

  4. Such a cute blog!
    Check out my blog and if you decide to follow leave me a comment so I can follow back :)
    Would love to stay in contact x



  5. This place looks incredible! Love the pictures :)


  6. Love times like this. Although when I'm hungover they hit me like a freight train. I'm always lucky if I can get out of bed!

    Katie <3


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