Saturday, March 22

A Buttercross House Breakfast

Even though my university term is breaking up for Easter in a week, I had to pop home this weekend to pick up some bits and bobs. (Just you wait for the surprise for as to why!)
It was just a quick stop off involving car MOT's, signing the delightful tax returns and of course, snuggling up with my chocolate bear.

One of the annoying things about living in the countryside and being a blogger, is the limited supply of places worth talking about. Don't get me wrong, there are some utter gems near where I live, but compared to city living where you can be in a goldmine, the countryside offers the odd diamond buried in the rough.
For years my favourite breakfast spot has been Fine Foods in Stamford, all other spots were utterly inferior and I would never bother going to the nearby towns because they simply did not compare.
Breakfast snobbery I know.
This weekend however has been life changing.
My mum for weeks has raved to me about this new little café, hidden away down the side streets close to my old school.
I had laughed, hard.
So many places throughout the years have tried to be the amazing new kid on the block, trying so hard to knock the timeless favourites off of the pedestal and win the coveted hearts of the locals. All of these have failed up until now...

My mum reassured me that I would fall in love with its quirky charm and so we set off with my dad in the British spring sun shine for some breakfast.

We managed to bag a space right in the window, overlooking the bright little back street and set about looking at the menu.
They even use bread from the local Hambleton Bakery, (voted Britain's Best Bakery) which in itself is just amazing and second to none.
Safe to say, I was already as happy as Larry and eyeing up the banana bread with ricotta and salted caramel...

We put in our orders with the charming waitress, also from Leeds Uni (*cough the best uni*) and my mum and I left my dad reading the paper to go and explore. The Buttercross House looks tiny on the outside, but little would you know that there are rooms leading onto rooms and staircases hiding away cosy alcoves.
It is just fabulous.

Don't even get me started on their wallpaper... Book shelves, cabinets and stamp designs. So quirky & utterly adorable. (Time for my bedroom to be redecorated I think!)

The more I hunted around like a girl scout, the more I fell in love. It has such character and charm that could win over even the stuffiest of hearts.
(And this was all before I had even seen the cake counter...)

But with stomachs now grumbling from the delicious looking cake (I'll try a huge wedge of that next time), we scurried off back to our table where our cappuccinos were waiting.

I'm without a doubt a self confessed caffeine addict... Guilty as charged.

My mum plumped for their Hambleton Bakery granary toast, smothered in butter and jam, followed by their bircher muesli.
It was so well presented and from my mother's delight, I'd say it tasted pretty smashing too!

My dad being the classic English gentleman that he is, inevitably plumped for their Buttercross breakfast. A classic to say the least, and one which in such cases my father's silence says it all. He was a happy chappy.

But both my parent's had fallen in love with this cosy hot spot on their last visit.
The question is, did the Buttercross win over my already stolen heart?
Of course I chose my favourite as the only means of comparison, scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with smoked salmon.
If they did this well, I would be sold.
I even was a little bit cheeky and asked if I could have a side of avocado. Whereas in other nearby spots this would have been instantly shot down, I received an instant yes with a friendly smile.
So a big thumbs up before I had even seen the breakfast!

It hit the nail on the head. The toast was always going to be amazing because Hambleton Bakery is the godly source of all things carby in my books. The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection, there was a mountain of smoked salmon (perfect as I hate being ripped off and receiving only a tiny slither) and the avocado was ripe and rich.
I was wrong to be so skeptic and think this was just another 'wannabe', over priced café ready to rip off the locals.
This is an amazingly well priced, delicious stop off right in the town centre with a priceless atmosphere and friendly staff.

(Plus it's open in the evenings too: the perfect excuse for a second trip!)

So yes, the perfect breakfast before lumbering back on the train to rainy Leeds with a million bags and shaking arms.
I'll definitely be popping back here over Easter.
A new favourite?
Maybe it is just a little too early to say, but by George it is certainly a strong contender!

2 Church Passage,
01572 755597



  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I originate from a tiny village in Norfolk and since leaving a tea room has opened, so I'm very intrigued about that and will definitely be visiting it next time I return x

    1. Definitely do! Fingers crossed it will be like visiting your grandma, homemade cakes and all! x

  2. This looks so cute and the food looks amazing. I live in a small town but we have no where like this.


  3. Wow. This place looks incredible! Gold star for your mama for such a stellar find!

  4. It looks amazing, I love the decor and presentation of the food! What a good find, I have a similar problem living in a small village, but it makes it all the better when we find places like this!xx

    1. It's so hard in a small scene isn't it?! It makes it all the more exciting when you find an utter gem! xx

  5. All that breakfast looks so so good!!
    Hmm avocado. I could eat it Actually, I do!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  6. Woweee what an awesome find Em - mums really do know best eh?
    I think you totally win the breakfast choices even though I'm a fry-up gal by heart!
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  7. What a cute little place with buckets of character! I love all the different wallpapers - they manage to surprisingly make it look cosy and chic but without making it look small and tacky! The cakes look insanely good too!

    Also, my sister has accepted a place at Leeds! Stay tuned for a mini Matthews near you soon!

    Katie <3


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