Tuesday, March 4

Pancake Day

So, yes.
I'm a terrible blogger.
If you haven't already noticed, food is a huge part of this tiny slice of the internet and *shock horror*, I do not have a new recipe for you on Pancake Day.
I know. Winge, winge, moan, moan... I'm a complete failure of a blogger and have prioritised readings on the global history of bananas. (Yes...Sodding bananas), over some food photography.

Instead, I thought I would point you in the right direction for some flipping fun of your own:

If you want my go-to pancake recipe that will be splattered around my kitchen this evening, then check out one of my vintage blog posts. (Yes, I know the photos aren't exactly great, but you've got to love the early stages of blogging!)

This morning I took the incredible Nic's Nutrition pancake recipe and switched it around with a little inspiration from Waitrose.
I ended up using Nics' recipe but adding some diced conference pears, sprinkling the tops with chopped hazelnuts and smothering in maple syrup.
(If I had had the time, this would undoubtedly be the recipe featuring on the blog today. Utterly delicious and well worth a try!)

The queen of food photography herself, Izy Hossack, over at Top With Cinnamon has featured the best two-ingredient pancake recipe known to man. Hands down she has kicked started my love of pancakes with just this post alone.

My darling Ibbs over at 'The Lobster & Me' has a ridiculous amount of pancake recipes on her blog. It just takes 'mouth watering' to a whole new level.

And last, but by no means least, my good friend from home Katie over at Katie's Kitchen Journal.
The photo says it all. Utter food porn. She's popped some yummy recipes up on her blog today for Pancake Day so have a gander whilst sat starving at your desk, you'll be drooling within five minutes.

So have a flipping good Pancake Day, sufficiently stuff yourselves full of sugar, Nutella & maple syrup before Lent starts tomorrow.
I was going to cut out cake but I've just accepted that for me, that is impossible, (plus I don't really want to ditch cake!)
Instead I'm cutting out chocolate until after Easter, is anyone else having a go at Lent?
Time to test the willpower...


  1. I love the two-ingredient pancakes!
    I first made them for Matt when I saw them on blogilates (she's the genius behind them) and made them again for today. I actually prefer them over the classic dough pancakes - and they have the plus of being healthy! X

  2. Those are all great blogs! Hope you have a good time stuffing yourself today! I'm celebrating tomorrow so Lent starts a day later. Rather than giving anything up I've decided to limit alcohol to once a week and anything sweet (choc, desserts, cake) to twice a week. It is going to be HARD.
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

  3. I'm trying to give up refined sugar for lent. How I'm going to manage that I have no idea, but at least I'm beginning with good intentions!

  4. Ahhhh....its just good to have lots of great pics of pancakes!! Thanks for the post!!
    SilverSpoon London

  5. Merci beaucoup darling for the feature :)
    I too did a cheat round up post - uni work is just crazy atm!
    also, global history of bananannanaas?!? I want to know more...
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  6. Pancakes definitely deserve their own special day! Love the heart shaped one!


  7. Beautiful! I made King Cake for pancake day! Which is what we eat on Mardi Gras in America! http://www.cannellavita.com/2014/03/easy-king-cake.html


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