Thursday, March 6

The Country Retreat, Part I

A few weeks ago a little Facebook invite popped onto my newsfeed. My housemate next year, Piers, lives only an hour or so from Leeds and asked if a few of us would like to jump in a car and escape into the countryside before the onslaught of essay deadlines began.
Before I had even clicked attending, I already had the Dubarry boots, fur headband and Barbour packed up and ready to roll.
I am a country girl after all.

So after all of our hockey matches had been won on the Saturday afternoon, we crammed my little car full and sped up the A1 to the Yorkshire Moors.
Since we arrived in the dark, we begrudgingly took Piers' promises of a tour of his house and grounds in the morning and headed out for some supper in the local pub.

Stuffed on sirloin steak & fine wine, the five of us scurried on back to the warmth's of Piers' home down the road. With the Aga blarring out heat, we snuggled in pyjamas before playing our classic hockey drinking game of 'Matchbox'.

The whole notion orientates around flicking a tiny matchbox over your glass, whilst avoiding the rim, and seeing how it lands. (We were all getting our practise in for the hockey social the week ahead. This time it was pretty casual but it can get pretty crazy when let loose. We're a competitive bunch after all!)

After the third bottle of wine, matchbox soon morphed into Cluedo...

And of course, once we realised that Cluedo after a couple of glasses was not the best of ideas, Twister soon arrived onto the scene...

With obvious results...

Eventually, we snuggled up in our beds at a solid 4am in the morning. Early to say the least...
By midday, the light was blaring through our windows and finally pulled us out of our duvet forts into action.

After multiple cups of coffee around the classic country wooden table, the five hungry students set out to the local farm shop in search of breakfast ingredients.
I also heard they had llamas there.
(Not that this influenced our decision to go at all...)

Getting out of the car, we were hit instantly by the overwhelming, pungent smell of manure. That (horrific smell), my friends, is when you know you are in the proper countryside! 

Stocked up with the most delicious & fresh looking of produce, the hungry students set about perusing the shelves and picking out only the finest of ingredients for their fry ups.

With our ingredients checked out and ready to rumble, we headed back outside in search of the llamas. (It's actually quite scary how excited we were for them, you would almost have expected us to have never seen one before!)

Say hello to Derek...

(Named aptly because of his amazing 'blue steel' impression.)

Kevin the Camel...

& Hilda the llama.

But this rather stunning cow was my favourite.
I've found my reincarnation in the form of a ginger cow.

Sadly, the rain began to pour down and our nostrils were flaring from the foul smell, and so we took it as our queue to leave.
I took on the role of 'mother hen' and set about making a full English breakfast, country style, for the five now ravenous students.

It was just like being back at home with the old Aga, wooden chopping boards and stone floors.
(*Sigh*, you've got to love home!)

A very, very late brunch at 3.30pm. Classic students.
Utterly delicious, all locally sourced & fresh and the perfect way to kick start an incredible afternoon.
I'm saving that little adventure for tomorrow though...



  1. Wow, now I really miss home! Farm shops, Hunters, baked beans, cows and fresh (ahem) air. Looks like you had a great time, very very jealous :)
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

  2. Aw this looks so fun! Like Lucy above this is making me really want to go back to my good old home town in Gloucestershire!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  3. This looks like so much fun, even though the city is good nothing beats the countryside.


  4. I am sooo jealous! I love the countryside!!
    All these pictures are so lovely. All the food looks incredible, and that cow is so cute (which is something I'd never thought I'd say).

    Also, cluedo is my favourite board game! I've been trying to convince people to play it for ages, but no one ever wants to!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. Aaah you are so lucky to do things like this, the house and surrounds look beautiful!!xx

  6. YOUR LEGS!!! LOVE!!!!!
    Raquel from Portsmouth

  7. Mmmmm This all sounds like a wonderfully decadent weekend! Looking forward to part 2!!

    Katie <3

  8. All looks simple divine :D
    Nothing beats the pleasures of country life
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  9. I love your blog Robow, looking forward to helping you contribute. Love Sam x


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