Saturday, March 15

The Six Nations: England vs. Wales

I've grown up in a family where the sport of rugby is everything.
It was always the talk around the dinner table, the England matches were never ones to be missed and my big brother was part of the highly successful 1stXI at school. (So much so they even got to the finals of the national tournament at Twickenham itself!)

So, imagine my joy when my dearest father rang me up and offered me a ticket to the grudge match of the Six Nations.
England vs. Wales, potentially the deciding match and one which features a rivalry second to none.

The term '2nd Christmas' puts my excitement into some perspective!

Much to the envy of all of my friends, I hopped on the train down to London, donning my England shirt and headed off into the sunshine at Twickenham.

For anyone who has not been to a big sporting event, Twickenham is the home of English Rugby. The spirit is unrivalled, the mood electric and beyond nothing else, it is remarkably friendly.
This is no rowdy football match.
This is competition, sporting excellence and the opportunity to make friends and have a pint with a random Welsh man, wearing a daffodil hat.

But before kick off, we got our hands stamped with a bright blue bubble to head into the O2 tent.

Featuring a rather comedic rugby commentator on the stage, everyone crowded in for a free pie & a pint before the big game.

(The blue light might make them look a bit dodgy, but they are actually amazing pies. Well done 02. A free and tasty chicken pie with mash & gravy never goes amiss!)

But the countdown clock was ticking away, the crowds bubbling with excitement and the flow of people navigating slowly towards the stadium gates.
It was time to quickly see off the pints and head inside...

I went along with my parents and my Dad's rugby chums, Clive & Jim. (Who are always an entertaining bunch!)

Mum & I let the fellas sit together, (inevitably they would be deep in rugby chat), and stood up for the national anthems, fireworks and kick off.
This was going to be a biggy and the excitement was tangible!

And then, the whistle blowed.
80 minutes of tension, excitement and premium rugby got underway.

As most of you will know, England thrashed Wales, 29-18.
A cracking game of rugby, and lets face it, there is nothing better than beating an old rival.
The buzz of the crowd whilst celebrating in the sun was just... Perfect.

A big thanks to my Dad, Clive & Jim for not only offering me the ticket and driving us down but also for cracking me up constantly throughout the day.
Mum & I have decided  that one day I'm marrying a rugby player. I'm making that wish into a will.
Fingers crossed we can pull it off today and win the tournament.
Come on England!!


  1. I've never really watched rugby much but this still looks like so much fun! I hope you get the rugby player dream guy ahaxx

  2. So fun! I love rugby ... my husband plays and if it were not for him I never would know of the sport.

  3. Haha love that you're determined to marry a rugby player! I was determined to marry a millionaire... hmmm lol! I was made to watch the game - although unfortunately I'm not as much of a sports enthusiast as you are :( I am at live games but hate watching sport on the TV! (I know I know, am I really British?!)

    Katie <3


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