Sunday, April 20

Chocolate Puddles

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope that your weekend is being jam packed full of Lindt bunnies, chocolate eggs & buttery hot cross buns.
 Since the torturous Lent is over, I thought that the chocolate absence on the blog should probably be corrected. Alleluia. It is finally time to smother these viral pages in fifty shades of dark, milk and white. 

I saw these 'chocolate puddles' in the Waitrose magazine a while back and just had to give them a go. Utterly simple, quick to make and oh-so pretty for a little Easter present.
Plus, as my mother said, they are quite handy to make if you have a multitude of eggs left over...(Yeah right. Who has Easter eggs left over?!)

To make (rather a lot of) your own Chocolate Puddles, you will need:
- 200g dark chocolate
- 200g milk chocolate
- 100g white chocolate (Assuming that you are sticking to the dark chocolate as the base layer, if not use 200g if you are switching around shades)
- 100g honeycomb pieces (or fudge chunks)
- 100g raisins
- 100g mixed nuts
- A couple of sprinkles of sea salt

Line a tray with baking parchment.
In three separate bowls, melt each shade of chocolate until runny and molten.

Pour out the honeycomb, nuts and raisins into separate bowls, ready for use.

Take a tsp full of dark chocolate and gently swirl a large, thick circle onto the parchment.

Take the milk chocolate and dollop on 1/2 tsp, swirling this gently into the dark chocolate.
Then finally repeat with a tiny bit of white chocolate on top.
Sprinkle on some nuts, raisins, honeycomb and a tiny bit of salt.

And there you have it, the 'basic' puddle!
Feel free to play around, switch the shades and get creative.

(I even had some left over chocolate lying around and inevitably had a play around...I'm such a big kid, I know!)

Once you have finished creating your puddles, slide the trays into the fridge for a few hours to set.
When ready, gently ease them off of the parchment before devouring or wrapping up as a present.
Rather simple but pretty little things aren't they?

Have a cracking Easter weekend everyone.
Let the chocolate food comas commence!



  1. Ab-so-fricking-lutely stunning!!
    An inspiring idea from Monsieur Waitrose and you have totally beautified them and bedazzled them up :)
    love love love
    x x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  2. Mmmmmm these look glorious, especially with the swirls. And I really like your flower pot too haha. Happy Easter!xx

    1. Thanks Paprika, I'll pass the pot compliment on to my mother! x

  3. These look so YUMMY! Now that chocolate is back on the cards... let's make a trip to Roast & Conch in Leeds yes?

    Imi / imogenscribbles

    1. Hell Yes! I already have big plans for us when you get back up North! xx

  4. Oh my goodness! I literally just said today that I must to on a diet, and now I've seen this! Ohhhhh boy. They look so utterly divine! x
    Heroine In Heels

    1. I'm been telling myself that for weeks Laura... I'm sorry! I thought I might as well drag down others' diets with my own! xx

  5. WOW! Those process pictures with the black background look SO COOL! Well done!

    1. Aww thank you! Perks of being at home with better materials! x

  6. I've been so excited to see this recipe since I saw the picture on instagram!!
    It looks so so good - and Emily, these photos are stunning!!! Nice composition, looks so so good!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. Thanks so much Teffy. Very, very kind! Fingers crossed over Summer I'm going to try and make it better! Hope your having fun in S Am! xx

  7. can it last in room temperature?
    since the chocolate wasn't go through the tempering process...

    1. Hi Thea, I made them in a rather warm kitchen (Aga heated) and they were fine to make. Storage wise, I kept them in a plastic tub in the fridge. x

  8. These are gorgeous, so so simple too!
    And the perfect excuse to buy ALL of the reduced price eggs :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I LIKE YOUR THINKING! I never thought of buying MORE eggs, just using up all of the left over ones. Genius! x

  9. Mmmm yummy! I can imagine these would make a perfect dinner party present stacked in clear film with a ribbon on top!

    Lovely photos, we have those gold rimmed pink flower china plates at my house haha! They were my parents Wedding set - although ours look slightly different. Maybe a slightly different print. So funny though, small world!!

    Katie <3

    1. Oh Katie that's such a wonderful image at a wedding on some pretty pastel plates... Maybe if you just used white chocolate then sprinkled them with something like dried raspberries for some pops of red... Endless possibilities! xx


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