Sunday, April 6

Val Thorens '14: Part 1

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I've been on a little holiday this week.
(Possibly the best week away I've ever had in fact!)
I finished university on the Friday and hopped onto the bus, laden with heavy suitcases, thick jumpers and cider for the 24hour drive to Val Thorens, France. Yep, that is right, it was ski trip time!

In true Leeds University style, each of the 11 buses donned their fancy dress costumes and set off down the M1, across the channel and through the French countryside into the heights of the Alps.

Eventually we made it up the mountain, settled in and awoke the next morning ready to snap on the skies and get gliding down the icy slopes.

Not a bad view to wake up to ey?

Every day we were up the mountain by 10am, (quite impressive considering we were out every night until a ridiculous time in the morning), but the highlight that really stuck out was the après ski!

From 3.30-6pm every day, you snapped off the skies, relaxed the tired legs and sipped on some beers.
Our favourite après spot was without a doubt the bar 360 on top of the mountain. (I'll show you the famous Folie Douce tomorrow). Dance the afternoon away, recline on deck chairs or just head bang to the cracking DJ tunes, après ski suited us all.
Of course, with 700 Leeds students there alone, the mayhem ensued automatically...

Featuring plenty of dancing on the tables...

A little bit tipsy, the crowd of students all swished down the slopes after après and fed their rumbling stomachs in their hotel rooms before some rather incredible nights out.
The term "eat, ski, rave, repeat" strongly comes to mind!

(Of course, more fancy dress was always around the corner too...)

So here is my first of two little snap shots of my holiday. I have a million shots of the stunning slopes, some rather questionable ones of university antics, but what is more, is I have a ridiculous amount of amazing memories and stories to tell and cherish.
Oh just you wait for the next post...

(P.S. Don't fret. The baking starts again tomorrow!)


  1. I've still never been skiing!! Looks so much fun - think i'd go even if just for all the parties I could go to, and all the food I could eat!

  2. Aaah it looks like so so so much fun, bet you had an amazing time!! Makes me want to go skiing all over again. The apres ski just looks so goodxx

  3. Well it certainly looks like you had a fantabulous time! I've never been skiing and am one of those few people who never wants to (I'm far too lazy to do sport on holiday) but I have to admit, looks like an absolute riot!

    Caroline xx

  4. Oh how I wish I was back skiing, my ski trip is up there with one of the best weeks ever, you'll probably agree, I'm certain to be going on the next one (fingers crossed they're in the same place!! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
    L xxx
    Beauty & a Cookbook

  5. Amazing! I miss skiing so much. Can't believe this year is the first year I haven't been in about 14!

    Folie is just a place like no other!

    Katie <3


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