Wednesday, April 9

Val Thorens '14: Part 2

With my week of "eat, ski, rave, repeat" going on nicely, I thought I'd show you a couple more little snap shots of what we got up to.
(I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms if you haven't already guessed.)

Every morning we awoke bright and early, usually with only two or three hours sleep, and prepped some eggs, bacon and brie to match the fresh baguettes waiting outside our door.
On the slopes each day by 10am, we were never ones to match the student stereotypes of purely travelling abroad for the après ski, we wanted a full day out on the pistes!

We skied all around the glaciers, over to Courchevel & Meribel and generally anywhere where the snow was good.

But of course, we stopped off for some amazing pizzas and drinks during our sun cream breaks. (Even on day one there was some rather interesting ski google tan lines being sported. Myself and my pale skin included!)

But before we knew it, 4 O'clock hit every day and it was time for après ski. The tired and weary legs would have to hold on, it was time to dance on the huge wooden tables and today we were hitting up the famous Folie Douce.

Having skied down the mountain with a backpack jammed full of beers (there is no weirder sensation than this!), we cracked open a few and enjoyed the sunshine, tunes and atmosphere on the mountain side.

Electric saxophones, champagne spraying and an addictive beat. Après ski was just phenomenal.

Before we knew it, après was over. The saxophones were put away for another night, and we had the fun ski down to the hotel which inevitably featured plenty of tumbling.

With a hearty dinner cooked each and every night, the team recharged their batteries, had a quick kip and set out (usually in fancy dress) for some more crazy dancing. (This time minus the ski boots.)

My personal favourite night, 'international stereotypes'. Just beyond brilliant!

So skiing with the Leeds Snowriders in Val Thorens was an utter blast. I'm planning ski seasons, trips and god knows what else in the future as I've realised how much I really missed what was my favourite sport when I was younger.
If you ever get a chance to go, especially on a university trip, jump at the opportunity. I have plenty of friends who went along as a novice and never looked back. Give it a go & I promise once you are sashaying down those slopes, you'll never want to leave.

Oh Val Thorens.


  1. Haha that last photo! It looks like insane amounts of fun, I miss skiing so much with your ski posts!! The apres ski is definitely something I need to discoverxx

    1. My parents were not overly pleased by that photo... I thought it was rather tasteful in comparison to most 'university ski trip' naked photos (which seem to be the norm!)
      Definitely hit up the après ski, almost as much fun as the skiing itself! xx

  2. Oh my goodddddddd I miss it so muchh!! I feel I will have post-ski-trip depression forever and ever. Love the pics. Couldn't relate your wishes of 'take me back' more!!
    My only regret is not seeing you for more than 5 seconds!! xxxxx

    1. I know! I was leaving the sweaty pit that is Summit, saw you and thought "I need to at least tap you on the shoulder to say hi!"
      Bloggers trip?
      I'm already planning tying in my 21st somehow next year...
      Ski blues are just the worst. :( xx

  3. I've never skiied in my life (bar the one time I went with my mum to an indoor snow centre and caused a huge pile up) but I'm utterly convinced that I need to give it a proper go and get out on the slopes! Scary!! xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

    1. Oh Lucy. If you can, go. It is without a doubt the best feeling in the world. (The more you go and the better you get, the more fun it gets too!) xx

  4. Ha Emily seems like a great time!! I've never been skiing, but those views must be so stunning.
    Someday I need to give it a go... for now, all I want is sun and beach haha

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. I'm not going to lie Teffy, I would HAPPILY sit on a beach at any point. At least the altitude does give a good sun tan (albeit with google marks!) xx

  5. Such a cheeky photo! Love it. Glad you had a fab time. We should do a blogger ski trip!!!

    Katie <3


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