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Belgrave Street Feast, Leeds

For the past month or so, I've seen a huge number of my friends in Leeds click 'attending' on a certain Facebook event. For ages I thought nothing of it, putting it to the back of my mind as an irrelevant niggle until finally, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give the website a little bit of a stalk.
How I had never heard of the Belgrave Music Hall before, I don't know. But oh my gosh, I'm happy that I now have.

Once a month, this quirky venue is transformed into a street food fest by day and a musical shin dig by night. It encompasses some of the most delicious and delectable stalls from all across the north of England and has stunning artists work lining the walls with their varied styles.
(One of my personal favourites was the little children making the cardboard town, seen down below!)

I hunted around the three levels in awe with Immy (a fellow blogger), her house mate Georgie and her friend Imogen, admiring the vintage records and Nintendo games on sale as we went.
Unfortunately, by the time we got there, some of the stalls had already sold out of food. (Next time I swear I'm getting there as the doors open at 11am sharp.)

I was especially disappointed that I only just missed Fu-Schnikens, these little buns crammed full of bellied pork and chilli chicken not only sounded amazing but smelt phenomenal (the beautiful smell was still lingering around in the air... Damn it!)

Unfortunately the weather was pretty shocking too so their stunning sun terrace wasn't really getting much use today. (We really were having horrific luck.) But we braved the stormy weather for a few minutes to inspect their twee little beach huts and rather summery bunting that lined each red bricked wall.
I'd kill to be here, in a deck chair, Pimms in hand, soaking up those sunny rays.

But anyway, this is a food fest after all, so which little nibbles did Immy & I pick up?

Round one, ding ding! 
A Jamaican Jerk Chicken wrap, smothered in hot sauce and onions!

Ridiculously hard to eat, but nevertheless the spicy and tender chicken was mouthwatering-ly good!

I've heard about Laynes Espresso on the grapevine. Rumour has it their coffees are phenomenal, strong tasting and second to none. (I'm definitely checking out their original store next week if I can. For a coffee addict like myself it would be rude not to...)
But on the way to our next food stall, I might have drooled a little over their cake counter...

The Greedy Pig was next up on the agenda!

Tongue tacos? Now that is something I've never heard of before. The meat was so tender it just melted on the tongue (wayyy get the pun?!), and when smothered in thick salsa and crunchy seeds, it really won us over.

The Marrow Bone Slider was pretty original too, I loved how it was served like a little burger between two thick wedges of fluffy focaccia.

The Belgrave also has two stalls built into the building, Dough Boys pizza (which I want to come back and try with a cheeky cocktail or two), and Patty Smith's burgers.
With an utterly filthy name like 'the Dirty Burger', it would be rude not to indulge in smothering's of it's molten cheese and beefy goodness.

These burgers are 100% locally sourced, put together on site and taste phenomenal. Cooked pink in the middle and served in a brioche bun with an thick dolloping of it's classic cheese sauce, chipotle mayo, lettuce tomatoes and pickles, it is safe to say this dirty little thing didn't last long.

Finger. Licking. Good.

Since I was heading on out in the evening for supper (yes, after just being to a food festival. It was a good day.) I took two of Laynes' little treats back home with me instead of hitting up the crepe van like Immy.

Immy's Banana and Nutella crepe by Crepe Lucette was swirled, just like they do in the Alps, on the huge hobs right in front of our eyes.
I just stood next to her, watching the thick dollops of Nutella land one by one on the crepe.
She seemed very, very happy and I was just left with massive food envy.

So the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds is pretty epic.
The atmosphere was so friendly with people of all ages swirling around with their children, friends or family carrying a pint in one hand, and a tray of street food in the other. I'm without a doubt visiting again, just next time I'm making sure that I am the first one pushing through the doors with a starving stomach and not the last.
Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen,
1-1a Cross Belgrave Street,


  1. Omg that looks awesome. The close up photo of the burger is just the most torturous thing I have ever come across :( so so yum, I definitely chose the wrong uni town! xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  2. This looks s amazing, I particularly like the outside terrace, it'd be amazing in the sunshine. I might have to make a train trip to see it for myself :)

    Chloe x

  3. ermaaagaaad. Now I'm hungry I really really want that burger right now. Think I could sink a few of the sweet things - definitely a pancake or two!

    Katie <3

  4. That picture is literally me in my ELEMENT. Love a good burger. We seriously need to go back to some of these food places!


    I've just eaten dinner and you've got me cray hungry already.
    So many food p*rn shots here, i'm drooling. a lot.
    x x x
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