Friday, May 2

Cattlegrid, Leeds

Hello, hello, hello.
I'm back again. Apologies.
Whilst I would like to act like my life is currently full of fun & games, the harsh reality is in fact that the month of May= The dreaded exam season.
I'm going to try and not be too distant for the next month (and I've purposefully planned a couple of bits and bobs ahead) in order to make sure that I don't wilt away in the library stacks instead of soaking up some sunlight and blogging.
So to kick start the month, how about some epic, meaty shots to whet your appetites?
Well then, say hello to the beauty that is Cattlegrid.

My housemates & I ventured on down to the Leeds Corn Exchange (near Primos that I previously mentioned) and got stuck into some fine wine and steak for Sam's birthday treat.
(You've got to stretch the student budget & treat yourselves every now and again after all!)

Even though I hate to admit that he was right, the clever clogs George suggested that we ordered their nachos with pulled pork whilst we perused the menu. (I have to mention that the menu is utterly fab: a ridiculous selection of burgers and some seriously scrummy sounding food simply under the headers of 'cow', 'pig', or 'chicken'. Simplicity is best after all!)
Whilst I was drooling over the thoughts of béarnaise sauce and rib eye steaks, the nachos arrived.

George was a clever boy indeed.
A mountain of thick nachos, swimming in molten cheese and smothered in guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes and (most importantly) a ridiculous amount of sweet, tender pulled pork.
I could have happily eaten the whole bowl of this to myself.

Each of us ordered our different bits and bobs ranging from thick cut steaks to whole racks of ribs, and I caught up with the birthday boy, Sam, and his lovely girlfriend, Hannah (above) whilst we waited with rumbling stomachs...

Just look & check out my beast of a sirloin...

Before we knew it, the table was carnage. Jenny was already demolishing her rather incredibly looking brie & bacon burger, Lauren had already seen off her sirloin before I had even started and George was pouring everything and anything in béarnaise sauce.

The steak itself was utterly divine. Tender and easy to cut just like butter, it was juicy, thick and meaty. Just what you want in a steak.
The hand cut chips were pretty cracking too, but lets be honest, the steak was the star of the show.
(Considering the rate that the boys demolished their rack of ribs like cavemen at the other end of the table too, I'm rather confident that they were pretty scrumptious too.)
Food comas all around!

But of course, the boy who said "I don't want a cake, I don't want any fuss!", had his wish.
I didn't make him a cake.
But we might have asked for his pudding to have an enormous sparkler in just to embarrass him in the middle of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it was only when we were at the till and paying to go, complaining about the rib and meat splattered clothing, did we find out from their charming manager that they had bibs available.
Next time ladies, next time.

So, if you are in ever the need or a meaty slice of heaven in Leeds for a fair price, venture over to Cattlegrid. Their food is delicious, the atmosphere comfortable and the staff peppy and friendly.
I might have had the meat sweats and suffered a food coma as a result of it, but this was my own fault and wish. That steak was worth every moment of it.
Waterloo House,
Assembly Street,

(They also have restaurants in Balham, Battersea, Kingston & Windsor) 



  1. You couldn't have captured that dessert-candle pic any better. I swear I oogled over those waffles for a good minute whilst reading this post. Someone get me outta the lib! XX

    1. Thanks India, it was killing me editing the photos (stuck in the library too!)
      Gutted as I was way too full for the waffles. Damn my small stomach. xx

  2. So, I recently discovered something called 'The Meat Sweats' after hitting an incredible meat feast in Amsterdam. This restaurant sounds right up my street. Yum.

    Katie <3

    1. Absolute nightmare aren't they?! Can't wait for your Amsterdam posts too Katie! xx

  3. This looks awesome! Good luck with that dreaded revision, I'm starting the intense stage of it soon aaaaah save mexx

    1. Thanks Paprika, the pain starts tomorrow. Joy oh joy! Good luck with yours xx

  4. Oh lord almighty what a delicious looking post!
    You've definitely earn't this evening off after all your epic library session.
    Can't wait to come visit you and stuff our faces
    x x x
    p.s. I love Jenny, her faces!!

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. (I wish I could agree- library sessions haven't been that productive. Damn it!)
      PLEASEEEEE DO!!!!! xx


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