Sunday, June 1

Boss Burgers, Leeds

This week revision had gotten the best of me. 
I was sat on Friday afternoon, trying to cram my head full of facts on 18thC fertility rates (yay for the Industrial Revolution...), and was failing miserably. My head needed a well earned break and, of course, I took full advantage of the rest. 
Before I knew it, I was bumping and grinding to classic tunes like 'Don't Stop Believing' and 'Timber' downstairs in my university union's best known cheesy night, Fruity Fridays. 
I was loving life once more.
...That was until I woke up the following morning with a thumping headache. Why oh why have I all of a sudden started to develop hangovers?! 
Anyway, both myself and my friend Immy needed a bit of a pick me up this weekend, and so on a spur of the moment decision, we headed off to Boss Burgers.

We've heard brilliant things, seen mouthwatering pictures and walked past it's doors numerous times. Situated on the standard grubby streets in the student area of Hyde Park, Leeds, it is a hidden gem in between Bargain Booze and multiple foreign supermarkets.

Ordered, picked up and out within 5 minutes, this is without a doubt my kind of takeaway!
Since the weather was actually pretty nice (for once), we thought we would wander over and have a picnic in the sunny park.

Wearing the standard hangover necessities (I'll give you the fashion breakdown later on), I was loving life with Immy and my little bag of goodies!

With our little spot settled in the sun, we dug in.

The 'Boss Fries' were utterly incredible. Salty, soft and crispy on the outside, these fries were just as good as finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. At only £2 for a large cup, they are without a doubt an absolute winner!

But the burgers...Oh. The burgers.
Immy went for the 'Smokeback Mountain': A brioche bun filled with a Yorkshire beef patty, smoked back bacon, Yorkshire cheddar, lettuce, smoked BBQ sauce & home made Boss mayo.

Yeah. It was a beauty.

But for me? 
I went for the 'Moozadell', instead this brioche bun was crammed full with a beef patty, mozzarella, slow roasted peppers, caramelised onions, rocket and the home made Boss mayo.

My reaction says it all...

A perfectly squishy bun, a thick meaty patty and the most succulent and flavoursome of fillings. This is a top notch burger. Plus, at only £6-7, it was a heaven send for such a delicious treat.

We spent a few hours nibbling on our burgers, watching the nearby uni circus society practising on their tightropes and soaking up the sun rays.

And the hangover essentials? 
Well, I am no fashion blogger. Far from it. So we decided to take the mick slightly with my rather comfortable post-night out get up!

First up, sunglasses. 
Hide those dark circles under those tired eyes!

Topshop sparkly sandals, because something has to be dressed up and fashionable when your outfit is an overall utter mess!

Comfortable trakky bottoms. 
(University style sports stash is always a firm favourite!)

And baggy, checked shirts.
Style icon right here?
Just put me on the front cover of Vogue right now!

So... Boss Burgers is now my new favourite pick me up place. It fixed my broken head, solved all my hangover symptoms and has put me back in a good mood to nail the revision again ASAP (it is the home streak now after all). If you are ever in Leeds and fancy a well priced, outstanding burger in the western part of the city, there is a reason the students love it so much. 
It's blooming brilliant!



  1. That looks like a funky little place, I also love your sandals they're amazing! Your food photos always make me so hungry haha xx

  2. Hahaha stunning post dollface :)
    I LOVE:
    -The fact it's so hidden away on an otherwise ordinary street
    - your hungover fashion advice
    - your reaction to that burger
    - the name mozzadell
    - the cheeky ladybug
    hurry up n finish your silly exams so we can have fun gorgeous
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  3. Oh my...there's some serious drooling going on over here. Need to get myself to Boss Burgers stat! Photos are awesome, btw!

    Lou :)

  4. My sister accepted her place at Leeds so I am DEFINITELY coming up to sample a Boss Burger (and to see her obvs)

    P.S. Love the fashion get-up - you genuinely look so stunning in the picture of you with the sunglasses down your face. Love the filter!

    Katie <3

  5. Gorgeous post! I think hangovers must come with age because they definitely hit me in second year! :( I've mentioned you in my blog favourites post! Hopefully you will check it out!
    Here's the link!
    Lots of blog love,
    MOOKAHT (formerly The Glee Project)

  6. Those burgers look absolutely incredible!! Beth xxx


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