Sunday, June 8

Leeds Food Fest

My friend Immy & I decided to nip into town in the sunshine for a quick coffee last weekend, little did we know there was an enormous food festival going on right in the centre. 
Yep, the exam bubble had well and truly cut us out of the info circuit.
  Best surprise ever? I think so.
Well here's a little food gallery to show you some of the delicious bits on offer throughout the day...

One of my favourite stalls? 
Filmore & Union.
Deliciously fresh, pure and mouthwatering food. I'm seriously regretting not buying one of their carrot cake muffins. (I'm using that as an excuse to visit one of their cafes ASAP!)

The 'Summer Love' smoothie? 
The best hangover cure ever. 

There was even some pretty funky food demonstrations attracting a pretty big crowd.

After wandering round the stalls for ages, we decided Sudhokthai was a must for lunch.
I've read about them in the Waitrose magazine & the Good Food guide, consistantly vowed that I must try their restaurant and was beyond ecstatic to see that they had a stand there on the day.

The smell from all of the spices and ingredients being grinded up in front of our eyes was just... WOW.
I need to go to Thailand soon. This has just boosted my love for Thai food to the extreme.

Immy went for the freshly pulled pork on jasmine rice...

And I plumped for the chicken pad thai, drizzled in a delicious amount of sweet chilli sauce.

Both Immy & I decided this was the winner. 
Hands down utterly delicious, fresh flavours and subtle spices.

So this is the 'view from my pad thai', (I stole that reference from the Instagram page called a 'view from my beer', some seriously cool photos are on there and worth a follow!)

But anyway, the food festival was such a nice mishap to stumble upon. (I'm seriously starving from just writing this post!) It was great to find some new local stalls and discover a little bit more about what Leeds has to offer. 
Best. City. Ever.
I think so.


  1. Oh I need that Pad Thai in my belly right now! Your blog makes me want to spend more time in Leeds and I'm not that far away, so no excuse! Gorgeous photos, btw!

    Lou :)

  2. Stumbling upon a food festival is definitely the best surprise.ever!
    Those carrot cake muffins... Emily, you must go get them at some point! They look insane! Did you try the polenta and raspberry ones?

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. Yep, definitely a pretty damn good surprise!

    Is that Yorkshire Rhubarb fudge?? Want want want!

    Caroline x

  4. Yummy! Sounds like some pretty impressive foods were there. I love Pad Thai and the jasmine rice with pulled pork sounds amazing!

    Katie <3

  5. This looks amazing! All that foods sooo good!

    Hmm maybe...

  6. What a treat! Sometimes spontaneity really does pay off :)
    SO much amazing food, my belly is seriously rumbling atm
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}


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