Monday, June 23

Taste of London, Regents Park

On Thursday night I flopped on my sofa and refused to budge.
I'd had a choca blocked week, was seriously in need of a break and what's more my favourite top had just been 'redesigned' by an enthusiastic 2 year old armed with handfuls of sticky rice pudding. (Don't ask.)

But.... All of this chaos was instantly forgotten after a few tweets, some manic phone calls and some spur of the moment decisions (my favourite kind!)
(Big thanks to Lottie & the Duck & Waffle head chef Dan for being a bad influence & persuading me to go at the last minute...)

So, in next to no time my bag was packed, my camera charged and I was on the train to meet my friends Jenny & Hattie in Regents Park for a weekend of pure gluttony.

Do not read this post if you are hungry. Like seriously, don't. 

Buzzing on the Friday night London atmosphere, the three of us weaved our way through the crowds, sampling little bits here and there as we went.

Whether it be cheese, popcorn or cider... We weren't fussy.

Unfortunately we missed quite a few of the celebrity chefs that we would have liked to see, but even so, the demonstrations were brilliant. (I'm highly jealous of my friend Katie who managed to meet Michel Roux Jnr!) Mostly open air and free for all, the smells flowing out from these stages were beyond a doubt, utter heaven. 

And of course, I couldn't not go over to the Duck & Waffle/Sushi Samba stand to say a big thank you to Dan himself. 
I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't easily lured over after hearing about BBQ spiced pigs ears, fried chicken necks and pistachio macaroons with chocolate mouse...

Nestling down with our pig's ears on squishy bean bags, Hattie & I dug into the contents of our brown paper bags whilst Jenny journeyed off for a mini Shake Shack burger. 

So (inevitably), the pigs ears were amazing. Crunchy, crispy and packed full of flavour. I did also try their pistachio macaroon, (served with dark chocolate mouse, griottine cherries and crystallised white chocolate), but that was eaten wayyyy too quickly to be snapped. Just take my word for it, it was cracking.

However, I did manage to snap one pudding...

It was even deemed acceptable enough to warrant a 'pudding selfie'.

Our friend Katie had visited the festival during the day and couldn't recommend trying one enough. This peanut butter parfait with salted caramel and raspberry from Andre Garrett at Cliveden House, was without a doubt... Incredible.
(So much so, that I would have eaten it in buckets with a spade for a spoon.)

It was only when I spoke with the man himself, Andre Garrett, later on that I found out that the parfait had won the award for 'best dessert' at the festival... And I'm not surprised. 
A lovely man with an even more lovely dessert!

After every last scrap was gobbled up, off we wandered in search of more nibbles and spoonfuls to sample.

I made a few new best friends along the way, including *queue superhero style voiceover*, 'the Lindt Man'... (as he wished to be known.) 

And also Alex Thiebaut, the head chef of Gordon Ramsey's restaurant Maze, who was eager as ever for a photo in his sunglasses. (I didn't complain...)

Plus, he even offered me a strawberry sherbet ice cream....


I spent the rest of the afternoon in chocolate heaven at Green & Blacks (who had an infinite amount of mouthwatering bars lining their walls), before moving into cake heaven at the Noisette Bakehouse...

I had a great little chat with Sarah who runs the Noisette Bakehouse in and around Leeds. (You might have seen their jaw dropping brownies featured in my Belgrave Music Hall Street Feast post!) The sea salted caramel ones are divine, I took one on a date a few weeks back for dessert & whilst that was an utter flop, the brownies easily made it all worth while!
These incredible flavour combinations and beautifully presented bakes are just awe inspiring.  

As the evening ran on, the silent discos and Mahiki club had us hunting around for a few night caps before heading off home.

The Skinny Champagne stand caught our eyes. 
Started by ex BBC broadcaster, Amanda Thomson, their champagne is sugar free, crisp and beautifully light. Plus, as we all joked, the sugar free nature obviously means more space for sugar filled cakes!
Even though slightly out of the student budget, it was a refreshing little sample, sold by a friendly and very bubbly lady, that I would happily drink again and again.

But with a couple of crowns (the festival's own currency) left, we hit up a lively Caribbean stand for some mojitos to soak up the late night music and increasingly merry atmosphere.

The rest of my evening was spent sipping on cava at my brother's girlfriend Charlotte's birthday party and dancing the night away at a rather 'different' nightclub to say the least. 
I'll save what I got up to the next day for another post...

I left London shattered, stuffed full of food and sunburnt (curse you fair hair and ginger genes...), but it was all worth it ten times over. 
It was a great festival that buzzed with life, friendly faces and tipsy Londoners basking in the summer sun.

My only regret after an epic day? 
Getting a 'selfie' with every single chef/celebrity that I saw except for the man who gave me the damn ticket!


  1. Looks like such fun! I had to sadly turn down a ticket for the Wednesday so couldn't make it, but looking at all that food, I think I would've had to roll home if I'd gone!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Oh, my goodness. That whole day looks insanely good but the peanut butter pudding thingy!? WANT! x

  3. Looks like heaven! I love Noisette Bakehouse - Sarah is a baking genius, those salted caramel brownies are too too good!

  4. Gosh lady your blog is incredible! Everything looks super yummy.

    hannah bee


  5. Looks great!

    I'm up in Leeds for the TdF next weekend (Saturday) and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a night out for 4 well behaved chaps?

  6. ermagherdddd so much amazing food, I'm very glad to hear that you stuffed yourself silly!
    Gutted I couldn't make it there too hun, looks like the most wonderful foodie day.
    And your photos, drooooooool
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  7. ermagherdddd what a fabulous day out, and all that food just looks incredible!!
    Great photos as always, such a talent for drool-worthy shots
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  8. This sounds amazing! I wish I went to Taste now! All the food looks incredible. I want to try the peanut pudding! Also, lucky you meeting so many inspiring people!

    Katie <3


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