Thursday, July 17

Burghley House, Stamford

The other day I was faffing around at home, trying to organise a chaotic week ahead, when an unexpected text message landed in my inbox...
My friend, Ibbs, was in my neck of the woods for a day.
Hell. To. The. Yes.

After a sizeable brunch at the Buttercross in their sunny garden, I was determined to show Ibbs what was on offer in the area.

I've shown you the Burghley Horse Trials on the blog before...but here it is, the beautiful house, in all of its glory on a daily basis. 

It is, of course, sod's law that the second we arrive the crystal blue skies disappear in place of thick, muggy clouds isn't it?

We eagerly pressed our faces up against the iron cast bars. I went into full on 'history university student nerd mode' and told Ibbs the random facts that I knew about Lord Burghley in Elizabethan England.

Yeah.... Our seriousness didn't last long.

Round the back is the beautiful gardens, Orangery restaurant and quaint fish pond.

But they also have a little surprise hidden in their grounds....

Burghley's Garden of Surprises & Sculpture Park is only £7.50, (£6 with student concessions), and well worth a trip.
It doubles up as a water fountain park for the littleun's whilst something to play around with and gaze at for those a bit older.

"Where's Ibbs....?"

"There she is!"

Each little segment held it's own theme, from Neptune's Grotto and Roman Gods to the elements of air, fire, water and earth.

The interactive edge won us over. Who doesn't love smacking a big, bright button and seeing what happens next? Flame throwing towers? Blasting fountains?... Yeah. We were hooked.

One garden slowly morphed into another and the water fountains were replaced with towering sculptures.

It was such a shame about the clouds, the boat house and lake usually look so pretty with baby blue skies... 

But we didn't let the weather get us down... Nor did it seem, did the crowds of old dears enjoying their leisurely strolls!

Ibbs & I did get rather taken with one attractive gent...

"Pucker up precious!"

What can I say? The guy's got some serious skills with words!

So the Burghley Gardens are stunning little finds, hidden away down the side of the beautiful Elizabethan house.
But I had one more little surprise for Ibbs...

Yep. They have a herd of tame deer that usually just roam around the park.
Pretty cool, huh?
I made friends with this little guy, I named him Hank.

And I spent about 10 minutes trying to coax him over with grass....

Hank got a little bit closer.... And then just stared. A quite creepy dead eye sort of stare.
Ibbs & I were convinced he was in a coma or something. Either that or he was practising being a statue. Clever little blighter.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sipping on smoothies in Fine Foods, walking around the fields with my dog and having a drink overlooking Rutland Water with my friend Katie.
(If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have seen all of this as we were both constantly snapping and filtering photos throughout the day!)
A busy, busy few hours of nattering, catching up, plan making and constant laughing. It was brilliant.

Until next time Ibbs... *cough* only until next week. 
You can't get rid of me that easily...



  1. It looks like you had the loveliest time! I love it when people make long posts with many photographs x

  2. beautiful photos my love- that deer is gorgeous xxxxx

  3. Love you darling, thank you for a wonderful day adventuring around your neck of the woods
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  4. Seems like you two ladies had an amazing time! That breakfast spread is incredible.
    Such sweet flowers - and that deer is so precious!
    Also, you two look absolutely gorgeous!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. I have been waiting for this post since I saw both your instagrams filled with each other! Haha looks like a fab day and those deer are TOO adorable!


  6. I love everything about this post, your photos are wonderful and how gorgeous are you!?

    hannah bee


  7. Look at those dear close ups and what a gorgeous house! I love you friend Ibbs playsuit, do you know where it's from?

  8. The photos are so so beautiful! I adore that sculpture of the guy too. I can see why you guys were pretty infatuated! Also, the pictures of the deer are just gorgeous. They're such regal creatures aren't they? They've got so much stance and elegance about them!

    Katie <3


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