Monday, July 28


A few weeks ago I received a charming email inviting me to an event that was sure to get me beach ready this summer.
#CurrysIntroJuicing, (what a clever play on words!), was an opportunity to listen to a nutritional expert, experience a hardcore fitness session and, most importantly, juice our own wacky and healthy post workout smoothies. 
A few texts later with my friend Ibbs and the plans were set in stone. 
When the day finally arrived, we turned up at the snazzy offices in our pristine gym kit to be welcomed by a crowd of other friendly faced bloggers.

To kick things off, we had a brief but highly useful nutritional talk from Derry Temple, a professional nutritionist and fitness expert from the nearby Urban Kings gym.
From this, we learnt some cracking nuggets of wisdom about general health and the positives and negatives of juicing. 

Here's a few of my personal highlights to give you a little bit of an insight:

- First things first... Juice only diets are a big, fat 'NO'. 
You need a balanced diet with protein to help break down fat. (This suits me perfectly as the idea of just sipping on shakes for days is haunting!)

- Forget the 'Big 5', it is all about the enormous 8. 
Yes. Eight portions of fruit & vegetables a day. Get those greens piling up on your plate!

- On that note, go easy on fruit. 
I'm a serious failure to this tip. I can happily sit there and eat a whole punnet of ruby red strawberries or munch upon several juicy pears. 
But...*Shock Horror*... This is far from ideal. Fruit actually contains a high level of 'fructose' which is a sugar. Obviously picking up a banana is better for you than a thick wedge of chocolate fudge cake, but just go easy and choose more vegetables for your eight portions a day instead.

(Generally speaking...) The darker the shade of green, the better the juice is for you! 

- Train your taste buds to love juicing.
Eager as you might be, it might be wise to start simple with your selection of ingredients. Derry split some of the classic ingredients into 4 levels; the likes of simple carrots and cucumber were in easy level 1 and the 'hardcore' nature of kale and cabbage in level 4. If you are a newbie, keep it simple and build up the variety of produce.

With the brilliant talk now over, I headed over to the overflowing table of vibrantly coloured produce to inspect my options of ammunition.

Armed with my pile of fresh produce, I shuffled over to a table and suspiciously eyed up my beast of a machine.
Currys had kindly set up numerous juicers from their range for us to use.
The Philips juicer seemed daunting for a juicing novice like myself but I later found out that these apprehensions were ridiculous ones to have. It is utter child's play to use, especially with the help of the kind staff on stand by if we had any questions.

With the produce piled up and ready, we fired on the blades inside the juicer and set about sliding carrots down the chutes.

We chucked in this and that, splashed in a dash here and there and set amount like healthy Willy Wonkas on a mission.

Utterly, utterly simple!
I would never have considered getting a juicer before, they aren't really the sort of product that is a vital essential to your kitchen. But, having tried and sampled the ease of these babies, my view's definitely changed for the better.
With our juices chilling in the fridge, we headed over to Urban Gym with Derry for a tough circuits session.

Ibbs & I went in the gym looking like this....

...And emerged from the sweaty studio like this.

Yes Ibbs, we earnt those juices!!

A big, big thank you's to Currys, Joe's Bloggers & Derry Temple/Urban Kings for having us over for a lovely evening. It was such a friendly faced, positive event and great fun to meet bloggers from so many different categories. 
If you fancy checking out Curry's own post of the event, here's the link.
In the mean time, having won my own juicer (WOOO!), I'll be keeping you up to date with my new favourite kitchen buddy. It's a keeper!


  1. Ah what a fab event! I'm incredibly jealous! Plus I spy loads of faces I recognise! Love the before and after pictures. You look gorgeous after still, but the before shot - you two are just absolutely beautiful beyond belief.

    Congratulations on winning a juicer! Looking forward to juicy recipes on here!

    Katie <3

  2. This looks like such a fun event. Hope you keep up the juicing, I'd love to get a juicer and start making healthy juices every day.


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