Saturday, August 9

Mini Chai Tea Cakes

SURPRISE!!!!! The blog has had a revamp!

I've been slaving away for nearly two weeks, playing around with Wordpress & uploading pictures from every single blog post that I have ever posted. I have cried multiple times as I've struggled with the DNS settings and hosting settings, (don't even get me started on the hour that I thought I had lost both my blogger account and the new wordpress one...)

But... Ladies & gentlemen, it is finished!

I felt like the blog needed to change and grow with me as it itself grows older too. With a bit of sex appeal, a cheeky new frock and a shiny coat of lipstick later, it feels a lot more like me and a platform that I can be really creative with.

On the looming horizon, I will no longer be able to call this site a student blog, (don't even get me started on that dreaded 'G' word.) But without getting ahead of myself, I thought that I would revamp it before the next semester whilst I still have time before the dissertation hell begins.

In short: A new (and my last) university year is about to begin, a new, spiced up blog and a growing up me.

And what better way to celebrate the new site than with a blooming great cake post?

In the words of my hockey club captain, "A party without cake is merely just a meeting". (This was a subtle hint to bring more cake to committee meetings...)

Now, I'm a party person and when given any opportunity for cake....? Well, I'd hope you would know me well enough by now to know the end of that sentence!

These cakes are the summer dream.

A light, fluffy sponge flavoured with calming chai, topped with some sticky, sweet icing and sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries for a slight crunch.

They are just the right size for a summer snack and are so airy that you won't feel at all heavy when tanning in the garden with a Pimms.

Sounds ideal right?

Over Christmas I really got stuck into chai. I became addicted to its flavour when my favourite university cafe could put shots of it's warming flavour into your coffee. I saw a recipe that made chai tea cupcakes and decided I needed to have a play around with one of my new favourite tastes.

I'm unbelievably happy with the result and might have eaten 5... *cough* 6.

The basic cake recipe is taken from Ed Kimber's incredible book which I recently bought in Fortnum & Mason on sale. I've tweaked his 'little lemon cake' recipe and adapted it as seen below.


 To make your own 12 'Mini Chai Tea Cakes', you will need:

- 225g unsalted butter, at room temperature, with a little extra for greasing

- 225g caster sugar

- 125g self raising flour

- 100g ground almonds

- 4 eggs, lightly beaten

- 2 chai tea bags. (I used TeaPigs)

- 200g icing sugar

- Handful of freeze dried raspberries (Found at Waitrose)

Preheat your oven to 180C/160 fan and grease a 12 cup muffin pan.

Using an electric mixer, beat together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy, this usually takes a few minutes.

 As you can tell by the wear on the Teapigs box, I love these beauties...

Cut open two tea bags and use a pestle & mortar to grind up the contents as much as possible. Then sieve the tea to keep out the thick chunks and set aside the powder.

 Add the eggs to the creamed mixture a little at a time, beating until fully combined.

Weigh out the flour and ground almonds into a bowl before adding 2-3tsp of the chai powder. Stir it around a little. Add half of the flour mixture and gently mix into the creamed batter first, then do the same with the second half.

Using an ice cream scoop, add a dollop into each muffin hole and slide into the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Make sure you don't overfill the muffin cups as the cake will rise over and be harder to remove later on.

Once the cakes are baked, gently remove them from the muffin pan (sometimes a small knife helps to loosen them from the sides) and allow to cool completely.

To make the glaze, just mix the icing sugar with a few tsp of water. You are looking for icing on a thicker side of things so that it gently dribbles down instead of being a sugary waterfall.

Spoon a tsp of icing over each cake, add a sprinkle of freeze dried raspberries and voilĂ . Simple!

Happy baking everyone!

(I hope that you are all as excited as I am about Great British Bake Off being back too! Woo!)


  1. Emily it looks great!! Did you do all of it yourself? Talented lady!
    Already pinning one of these pictures as it looks so so good!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  2. Love it! Love the pics! Definitely want to try out this bake :) I love the look of your blog (I never saw the before I have to admit- but I'm following you now!) I'm waiting til my PhD is over next year to tart my blog up, I'm not sure I have time to do it all just yet.

  3. Love the new look! I'm very jealous of your raspberry pink social media buttons too - so cute!

  4. I am so proud of you darling, this new revamped look is so professional and so you!

    All those many many hours slaving away at home with your dodgy internet have been totally worth it!

    Here's to bigger and greater things

    Love x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

  5. Francesca Trafford11 August 2014 at 12:37

    Ahh it looks AMAZING bambina! V. pro looking and I'm very jealous (of the scrummy cakes too), well worth the wait you are a superstar!

    FSHT X

  6. I feel asleep during the first GBBO episode. I blame jet lag, but yay for sky+
    Interesting method to grind the tea! I've only ever steeped the tea in milk then added this, but I'll definitely try out this method.
    Ps. Don't get me started on the move to Wordpress! I need to try it again!!

  7. Ok, now I've just seen that you did in fact do the whole blog yourself and I'm super impressed! It looks incredible babe! The re-vamp is just gorgeous and you've done amazingly.

    Cakes look delish too - I really want to get baking again!

    Katie <3

  8. The blog looks great! Super impressed you did it all yourself, I'm about to attempt a similar thing. Maybe you could do a post on the process? I'd love to get some tips!

  9. i've been reading your blog for quite a while now and i thought i'd let you know that you should be so proud of it! i'm so impressed with the effort and dedication you put in. it certainly shows in your revamp! x

  10. Your redesign is as delicious looking as the chai cakes! Well done to you madam.
    And extra points for the Teapigs
    M x Life Outside London

  11. The blog update looks good!

    And yes, we should always celebrate with cakes. These look fantastic - the photography as well is amazing!

    Em x Hmm maybe...


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