Friday, August 29

Mr Hyde & Tweat Up present "#NationalBurgerDay"

This is a simple story...  One which involving two young, wide eyed girls, mountains of meat and piles of sauce smothered buns.

This, dear readers, is the story of how this....

And this....

Turned very quickly into THIS...

... And THIS.

Caught in the act... Guilty as charged.

My friend Anna & I have heard about Tweat Up, Street Feast & everything burger related in London for yonks. Before this lovely girl abandons me to go to Montpellier for a year in a few weeks, (no I'm not holding a grudge...), we thought that their next event would be a perfect day trip for us both.

(Get used to this beautiful gal being in lots of my next few posts, I'm featuring her as much as possible before she dashes out of my life for a while!)

The two of us had had a day mooching around London before walking over to Battersea Power Station...

*Queue big booming voice over effect*

"Mr Hyde & Tweat Up would like to present....*drum roll please*... #NationalBurgerDay"

For any of those interested....

Having starved ourselves all day, we virtually ran down the side of the embankment, following the 'yellow lit road' towards the mouthwatering smell ahead.

We had a tactic and a game plan, we knew which burgers we wanted to gobble up and we were not going to let the queues stop us!

Luckily, we were some of the first few at the door, serious keen beans I know. But, this meant we could grab our free pints of lager, have a wander around and pick the burgers which we knew would later have enormous queues around the block.
We wanted those burgers first damn it!

6 burgers was the plan from the beginning, we weren't taking prisoners today.

With our list of the twelve options before us, we quickly narrowed it down and set about our business.

Mother Flipper had to be first.

I think I've heard more praise about these street food vendors than there are black cabs in London.

Anna & I watched in awe as these saucy little buns were plated up before our eyes...

Let's get a close up of this bad boy...

This beauty was definitely a two hand jobby.

Mother Flipper's "Smoked BBQ Belly Flipper"

 Ayrshire Black Angus patty, hot smoked rare breed pork belly, cherry BBQ glaze, Gouda, crispy shallots.

Taste: Strong flavour & full of very juicy meat. BBQ sauce perfectly spiced and not too overpowering. The belly pork was just out of this world. Like literally, I would have eaten the whole pig's belly if possible.

Look: When it arrived it was pretty with the bright pink contrast. It looked exactly like what you expected from a burger; bright, towering, good coloured bun, thick patty etc. But... It didn't stay pretty for long!

Stability: To quote Anna, "Hellishly messy!", but not in a bad way. Who doesn't love licking that odd beefy juice that trickles down your finger?!

Anna: "Filthy Good" 

Me: " Messy, just how I like it."

Verdict?    9/10

Naturally, we weren't stopping there. Mother Flipper had set the bar high, so who was next to follow this feat?

Bleecker St. Burger & Mr Hyde, "Pizza Burger"

50 day dry aged patty, melted mozzarella cheese, Nicky's Marinara Sauce, grated parmesan, basil mayo and red pepper flakes.

Taste: Yes, you have read that right... A pizza flavoured burger. Ingenious? Definitely. I have a feeling these would sell by the million in America. It was an odd taste at first, just because you didn't expect it to taste that much like a pizza, but it did, it tasted just like a beautifully flavoured, juicy, molten cheese smothered pizza. It had a great level of seasoning and the patty was cooked perfectly.

Look: Dainty, not too overloaded within but still highly appealing in appearance.

Stability: It held its own very well, there wasn't a crumbling of structure or dribbling in sight. (Which is always good with so many hunky business men milling about!)

Anna: "Curve ball burger"

Me: " The American dream burger!"


7/10 (Only because it is being compared with other 'burger style burgers', it is still damn jaw dropping!)

We took it in turns to go and pick the next nibble, dipping and diving through the different burger stalls, we struggled to decide each time.

The smells... I swear, I have never walked around such a small place before with so many drool worthy smells.

Hot Box, "Smokey Bandit"

Dry aged chuck and rip patty, smoked beef rib, Monterey Jack cheese, chipotle chilli & buttermilk slaw, spicy bbq dripping and chimichurri.

Taste: "It's got heart!". Meaty. Cheesy. (I mean did you see that close up!?) I really loved the slaw and BBQ sauce together, it was a little spicy for Anna though- reckon it's because she got a big chunk of chilli!

Look: 10/10. You really couldn't ask for a more attractive burger. Colour, height, filling, bun... They nailed it.

Stability: Held its own pretty damn well considering its size, happy with the odd dribble.

Anna: "Got heart!"

Me: " Blooming marvellous."



Round 3 ding ding.... Dirty Burger!

I met the rather charming chappies in their bright red van and was easily convinced to buy two smaller burgers instead of one big one. One regular cheese, the other their statement 'Dirty Swiss'.

Dirty Burger, "Dirty Swiss"

Beef patty, Swiss cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, ketchup mayo.

Taste: Good meat to cheese ratio. The cheese was exactly like that ultra stringy sort out of a cartoon, amazingly good fun pulling it until it snapped back! Strong addition of mustard but I loved this. Squidgy but sturdy bun too.

Look: Cute. (Ironic with the name!) Bite size/just right.

Stability: It held its own really well. You did get a bit of a fluro 'mustard mouth' though!

Anna: "Cheeky little buns."

Me: " The surprising dark horse!"



Also, any where with wet wipes like this rates highly in my books!

When wandering around picking our next target, we spied these bite sized burgers made from cake. How amazing do they look?!

Unfortunately, we weren't here for cake. Any other day and I would be first in line, but today I was saving my stomach for meat.

The next burger was an easy pick, not only were the staff wearing bow ties (winner right there), but the burger promised bearnaise sauce in a burger. Yep. It sounded like heaven.

B.O.B's Lobster, "B.O.B.'s Burger"

Yorkshire Longhorn beef, Cobble Lane cured pancetta, Coolea cheese, bearnaise sauce.

Taste: Buttery. So so rich & buttery. (Anna thought it was a bit of a tarragon overload to be honest.) It was meaty with a good soft, squidgy bun and the pancetta was crispy and salty.

Look: It arrived looking classy, that's the only way to put it. Classy. It wasn't messy and the bearnaise looked jaw drooling as it trickled down the side.

Stability: Zilch issues with collapse or mess. A sturdy little blighter.

Anna: "Bit too overpowering for me."

Me: " Beautiful for a few mouthfuls, but a bit rich/salty after a while."



The best way to kick the saltiness and thirst of all of those burgers?

Mojitos. Huge glasses of mojitos.

By this time, we were rather full after our 5th burger. We had been planning on visiting Le Bun for our final nibble, but the two of us unanimously agreed that actually, we just wanted the best one again.

It was playing on our minds, tormenting us.

Even though the queues by this point were dramatically bigger than before, we didn't mind queuing because we knew exactly what we were queuing for.

(Heaven on a plate basically.)

And who is the winner of our burger challenge?

TADAHHHHHH! Mother Flipper. You beauty. You were our first burger of the day and the one which we couldn't shake. We just had to have another.

Two very happy girls, surrounded by an incredible vibe and two very full stomachs.

I couldn't think of a better day with my boo!

If you can, head over to a Mr Hyde/Tweat Up event ASAP. I'm on their newsletter and the events always sound jaw dropping. Even though we rated each burger, it was stiff competition. You would be more than delighted to be served any one of these delights in a restaurant. These people know their trade!

Also, going early worked well for us. Yes, it lacked vibe until it got busier later on, but it meant we could do our own thing and then soak up the atmosphere as we went.

Thank you Mr Hyde, Tweat Up and the vendors for such an amazing night. Definitely one to do again soon!


  1. Can I just say firstly how amazing that this bumper post was all down to burgers?

    And secondly - so jealous! I didn't plan anything to Nation Burger Day, and now I regret it.

    Em | Hmm maybe...

  2. These burgers look insanely good! So jealous I couldn't attend xxx

  3. Hold up. Hold up.

    How did I not hear about this?! Those burgers look incredible. I can't believe you managed to get through so many. Am I allowed to be proud?!

    Katie <3


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