Thursday, August 14

The Butterfly House

As you might have seen in my Burghley House blog post, I'm pretty good friends with a cracking little blogger called Ibbs.

I mentioned to her that I had some family plans in London a while ago and we couldn't not try to catch up and tie the two together if possible.

Inevitably, where did we meet for lunch? Somewhere that served piled up plates of delicious, fresh sushi of course!

Ive never heard of Hare & Tortoise before, but Ibbs had spied it hidden away in Kensington and thought the two of us should give it a go.

Sat next to bright open windows, we had a nattered whilst sipping away at our watermelon juices and green teas.

(The d├ęcor here is so simple, minimalistic but elegant. Just right for such a light and bright restaurant.)

Pouring out enough soy sauce to drown each ounce of fish, the happy bloggers set about doing what they do best...

Photos first. Food after.

Ibbs & I both plumped for their 'sushi boxes' which were great value for money, especially in London, for only about £9-10 each.

(I went for their salmon box: 2 salmon nigiri, 1 salmon temaki hand roll, 6 salmon maki, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi. Whilst Ibbs chose their classic: Salmon, tuna, hamachi, prawn, unagi nigiri and tobiko gunkan, 3 salmon maki, 3 tuna maki and omelette.)

With tender, light and meaty salmon. (None of this thin tasting and light pink stuff that you can sometimes get.)

It was packed full of a flavoursome punch and just the right size for our lunch.

Having happily polished off the whole platter, Ibbs & I gandered down in the sun to the National History Museum in search of some creepy crawlies...

If you have never been to the National History Museum before, go. I always think of David Attenborough doing a personal voice over as I walk around, telling me about each fossil and dinosaur in detail.

My parents even have photos of me under the giant whale as a child, going mental, because I couldn't take in how big it was.

Just go. It's amazing.

Even though the dinosaurs were pretty cool to look at, we were looking for something a little bit more alive. Setting out into the summer sun once again, we were on the hunt for butterflies!

The Butterfly House came to our attention because of Prince George, (what a little darling!) Since it was recently his birthday, shots of him playing in the Butterfly House have been on the front of each and every news paper.

It's wonderful.

You walk through heavy plastic drapes into a tropical bubble of bright, colourful and flittering flashes. They glide right in front of you, then disappear in a sudden blink.

I'm not going to lie though... Getting the buggars to keep still was not an easy task!

Ibbs & I must have spent a good hour in this tiny bubble, just sitting and watching the butterflies go about their business. They're addictive to watch with their elegance.

If you fancy checking out the Butterfly House at the National History Museum, it is open until the 14th September. (1 month left!)

Hop on down, it's well worth it to have even five minutes of stunning peace right in the centre of London.


  1. Your photography never fails to amaze me lady! Looks like a wonderful day out :)

    hannah bee | from aus with love


  2. Ahh I love the butterfly house!! I went a couple of years ago and it was so so lovely. You and Ibbs seem to be having an amazing time!
    That picture with the baby is so sweet! You can see his excitement about the butterflies! Too cute!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. Francesca Trafford19 August 2014 at 13:08

    Ahhhhh literally around the corner from me! I love that place its the perfect place to escape :)

    FSHT x

  4. I am obsessed with butterfly gardens - the beauty of butterflies is just amazing. What incredible creatures. The sushi looks heavenly too - such good value.

    So gutted that I missed you both, really need to figure out when you're next around!

    Katie <3

  5. These photos are so pretty! I love the one of the baby - it's awesome! The butterfly house at the zoo near me has always been my favorite part.


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