Friday, September 19

Burghley Horse Trials, 2014

One of my favourite times of year had come again...

I've been visiting ever since I was a tiny tot...

Once again, it was time to don the Barbour jackets & Dubarry boots for the local horse trials.

Yep. It was Burghley week in Stamford.

I wrote a post on the horse trails last year and very kindly, Burghley loved it so much that they featured a lot of my photos in the official events programme this year! You can check out my blog post that is in a bit more depth of last year, here

I'm going to let a lot of the photos do the talking on this one.

 Of course, the compulsory Grasmere Farm bacon sandwich, smothered with ketchup was the only way to start the busiest day of Burghley, cross country day.

 Afterwards we started exploring the fashions and quaint little stalls...

 These prints were a favourite of my mother & mine. Using potatoes, this rather clever lady was turning spuds into artwork.

 Inevitably the Dubarrys were on show everywhere in sight and the champagne was flowing in gallons at their rather stunning and jam packed tent, decked out with its own bar of course.

Next up was a roam around the food court, (my favourite part!)

 And finally, once we had dragged ourselves away from the piles of cakes and mounds of cheese, we trekked off to find some horses.

 You can walk around the beautiful Burghley grounds and follow the cross country course easily. (You might even be lucky enough to land a spot on the tv if you are in the right place at the right time...)

The horses fly past you in a blink of an eye, towering high above your outstretched heads.

 So, Burghley was once again a great atmosphere and a great occasion to walk around, even if only for an hour or two. The majority of people there are obviously big horse fans, but to be honest, it's for everyone. The stalls make it intriguing to walk around and the crowds create a bubbly atmosphere that is still electric regardless of the weather.

If you can't make it to the horse trials, which is usually the first weekend of September, have a walk around the gardens during the year.

Ibbs & I checked it out earlier on this year which you can see here too.

Lastly, a message to my dearest Emma at Made in Hunters. Gutted the timings didn't match up to meet. Next year we are without a doubt roaming the food courts together. Third year lucky!



  1. Your photos are fabulous! I'm so jealous, I haven't made it to Burghley for years. I love horse trials though, and did at least get to go to Badminton and Gatcombe this year- I wrote a post on the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe this summer. Also, I love turning up to somewhere where everyone has their Dubarrys on- I don't get much chance to wear mine!
    Jennifer x

  2. Burghley has always been my favourite of all the UK horse trials, I'm just gutted I've never been able to make the trip up to visit in the flesh, rather than sat glued to my TV for three days straight! I've never thought of going to the food and fashion stands at events before, in the past I've always been there with Mum in groom capacity for my Aunt, so next time I go I'm definitely going to sneak off and soak up the atmosphere a little more!

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. Gorgeous photos! Oh man, I miss UK bacon! Also the brown puppies are adorable xxx

  4. My lovely Emily! I was truly gutted that I didn't get to eat those bacon sarnies and trudge round the cross country with you this year. But we will most definitely meet next year, take many photos together and consume more food than we can manage! Good old Burghley!! Great photos, i'm so sad I missed it.

  5. I would definitely love this! Congrats on getting your photos published, that's a huge deal!

    I hope you bought that fur - it looks gorgeous on you. What a foggy day!

    Katie <3

  6. Thanks Jennifer, you are far too kind! Go next year for sure, it's so worth it, even just for the food court! I need to visit Badminton at some point actually, my friend lives right next door.. Comfiest boots ever aren't they?! x

  7. Ohhh Lucy, you need to see it in real life, it's bloody marvellous! You can come and find me, I'll be roaming the food courts for hours and hours without a doubt!... x

  8. Thanks Queenie :) I know... The chocolate labs are identical to my own so I couldn't resist taking a photo! x

  9. Ohhh Emma... Two years and still no luck. Third time lucky?! It never fails to disappoint does it?! xx

  10. Thanks hun, I was awfully flattered to say the least that they asked. I wish I did, alas, student budgets do not cover £200 furs! x


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