Friday, September 26

Carl's Market Wraps, Leeds

This post is without a doubt dedicated to my dear friend Immy, she is currently doing her study a year abroad in Montpellier, France.

The reason I say this is because this beautiful girl is obsessed with pulled pork. Anywhere, any time... If this delicacy is on the menu, she can't help but pick that meaty and BBQ-ed option. It's inevitable.

I instantly thought of her when a rather happy chap called Carl dropped me a tweet a few weeks ago.

He very kindly offered for me to head on over to his stall and to sample his wonderful pulled pork wraps.

Since I've seen his stall a few times on Briggate in Leeds and always been left drooling, I was thrilled to be asked!

I headed over to the market on Sunday and instantly was stunned by their bright and colourful stall, covered in eye popping greenery.

Unfortunately, I missed out on their fresh and home made wraps because they had been so damn popular, (gutted), so I'll definitely have to visit again to see the difference.

Carl was decked out in matching blue gloves & jumper making him easy to spot behind the stall. We watched him dash about, scraping the pulled pork and craftily making their tasty wraps right in front of our eyes.

He chatted to us all along about how he got stuck into pulled pork, the rather rapid interest that it has had in recent years and the different options which they offer.

Whilst our ears were listening intently to Carl, our eyes were fixated on the great pan in front of us, craddling the sweet and crackling pork.

 Of course, the best things in life always involve booze (in moderate doses Mum, university hasn't turned me into an alcoholic yet...),  and this pulled pork got a thick splash of fine American honeyed whiskey fed to it regularly.

The flat breads were flattened down, smothered with cheese and coleslaw (home made of course), and finally piled high with smoking pork and their signature sauces.

I plumped for the Jack Daniels sauce, it's probably my go-to BBQ flavour thanks to my brothers' obsesssion with JD, whilst my friend Tash chose their 'sweet & sticky'.

With massive grins on our faces, we wished Carl enormous thanks and ran off like little kids to sneakily eat away at our prized possessions. The nearby Victoria Quarter seemed like the perfect setting amongst the high end shops to wolf down meaty wraps and inevitably have BBQ sauce smeared across our faces.

This is one of my new housemates, Tash, (everyone say hello!), who will be featuring probably quite a bit over the next year. Since she works over at Apple, she was thrilled to be pulled away for an hour for some pork wraps in her lunch break. We had a natter before looking at each other with zero patience left, we were dying to dig in.

Well Carl, you are a damn genius. The pulled pork was meaty, flavoursome, smoky and melted in your mouth. None of that chewy or fatty malarky that you can sometimes get. The cheese and slaw moistened the wrap and the BBQ sauce was that sweet kick that complimented the smokiness of the pork perfectly.

With a bottle of the sweet & sticky sauce tucked away in my bag, I vouched to smother it on everything that I was to cook for the next few weeks. (I tried it last night on some chicken.... Sweet Jesus. I need buckets of this stuff in my life!)

After we had both stuffed ourselves full of smoky pig, we hunted off for dessert on the Briggate Market.

 There were tons of little local stores, all selling their fresh produce and ones which I'm now dying to visit.

A few macaroons and blueberry tarts later, we couldn't manage another mouthful. Tash dashed back off to work, busy as a bee with the new iPhone launch, and I returned home for a cuppa and some admin work. (Joys!)

An enormous thank you to Carl for inviting us down, you nursed our hangovers perfectly, gave us some delicious street food and proved why pulled pork is currently having its moment in the spot light.

I'm without a doubt popping by again very soon!

If you want to check out Carl's Market Wraps, his Twitter handle is here. He is also on the Leeds Briggate farmers market on every 1st or 3rd Sunday of every month (10am till 4.30).

Drop on buy, you won't regret it.



  1. This makes me wish I was in Leeds so much! I swear Pulled Pork doesn't even exist in France... it's tragic! So, so jealous as these wraps look absolutely delicious. Hopefully they'll still be there when I'm back in Leeds! Missing you lots xx

  2. I LOVE pulled pork. This all looks so tasty. Drooling over my keyboard. The Macarons were only 50p each?!!! wow.

    Katie <3

  3. I miss you my dear, get your little arse back to England please?! I'll have to take you here on a date the second you get back, it is literally your dream. Hope the French are all being nice to you! xx

  4. Welcome to Leeds my dear. The prices are ridiculously good, it puts London to shame! x

  5. Oh wow - everything looks delicious!

    I've just had a massive dinner, but could easily stuff one of those on top as well.

    Em | Hmm maybe...

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