Wednesday, September 17

Date & Walnut Banana Bread with Home Made Salted Caramel

'Ello 'ello one and all, I'm back with you!

Apologies for the lack of posts and anything blog related lately. The past few weeks has been a blur of family business, moving into my new student digs and firing balls all over the place at hockey pre season.

But I'm back, I'm with you and I'm finally getting around to replying to comments, posting some new material and generally being present on the world wide web.

I'm planning both a catch up post and also an info post for all of those freshers out there, but in the meantime, I thought you all deserved a bit of food porn on this miserable and wet Wednesday.

The second people find out I bake, they all seem to ask me the same question...

"What's your favourite recipe?"

Now, I think for anyone this question is a sticky wicket. It's like asking you what your last meal on earth would be. But, after racking my mind for hours and flicking through every last one of my recipe books, the answer was undoubted.

My classic banana bread is the bomb. I baked it at least a good 100 times last year alone and the boys I lived with would 'see it off' in the space of only 5 minutes.

My favourite coffee shop at home, the Buttercross, serves toasted & spiced banana bread with ricotta & salted caramel for brunch. With salted caramel being the 'IT' thing at the moment, I decided to whip up my own version. It's incredible to smother on anything and everything and lasts in the fridge for a fortnight (as if it will be there for that long!)

 To make your Date & Walnut Banana Bread with Home Made Salted Caramel, you will need:

For the banana bread:

- 100g softened butter

- 175g caster sugar

- 2 large eggs

- 4 ripe mashed bananas

- 225g self-raising flour

- 1 level tsp baking powder

- 2 tbsp milk

- 1x teaspoon each of ginger, cinnamon and ground nutmeg

- 250g of chopped dates and walnuts (I used a Whitworths mixed bag)

For the Salted Caramel:

- 200g granulated sugar

- 90g salted butter, cut into 6 pieces

- 120ml double cream

- 1tsp salt

(Salted Caramel Recipe taken from Sally's Baking Addiction)

Preheat your oven to 180C/160 fan and line a loaf tin with baking parchment.

Just like my other recipe, measure out all of the ingredients for the banana bread into a large mixing bowl.

Mix all of the ingredients together until evenly combined, spoon into the loaf tin and bake in the oven for about one hour.

 For the salted caramel, measure out all of the ingredients so that they are ready to use immediately.

In a large,  non stick frying pan, place the sugar on a medium heat.

Do not stir!!

 As the sugar melts, it will form large clumps before melting into a dark amber liquid, it will get to this stage, just be patient. You can also give the pan a little bit of a shake if needs be. Once it has melted, add the butter and stir constantly.

Once the butter has melted, pour in the cream and continue to stir.

The sugar will bubble up and boil when the cream is added but keep on stirring the sauce for about a minute on the heat. After this, remove from the heat and stir in the salt.

Pour into a jam jar and keep in the fridge for a fortnight, reheat the sauce up before using again.

Slice up the banana bread, toast on the Aga or on a grill, smother with some ricotta or freshly whipped cream and then pile on the salted caramel.

Simple, unadulterated comfort food.




  1. Goodness gracious me.

    That is all.


  2. That looks absolutely divine! I've seen a few banana bread recipes around recently and keep saying I'm going to try one, but haven't got round to it yet. Yours looks delicious though, so is definitely serving as a reminder that I need to make one sometime soon!
    Jennifer x

  3. This looks so tasty Emily! I definitely want to try this. Must get Ben baking banana bread for me again!

    Katie <3

  4. Sounds irresistible! I would love a bite or two... :)

  5. This looks incredible - I am a sucker for salted caramel, and banana bread as it happens. If I could get away with this for breakfast every day, that would be a happy world...

  6. Emily! Totally made this on Sunday and it was amaaazing! Been taking cheeky spoonfuls of the salted caramel ever since.. it's too good! Thanks for yet another fab recipe xxxx

  7. *Nough Said* ;) x

  8. Pleaseeeee do. Out of all of my recipes, banana bread is my favourite. So damn simple but it tastes sooooo damn good! xx

  9. Or 6 ;) x

  10. I can't vouch for everyday, but a loaf would last for a week of happiness... Does that count? x

  11. So so happy that this worked out for you! Photographic evidence? Made. My. Day. xxx

  12. OH MY DAYS this looks and sounds like the most divine thing ever!! xxx


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