Tuesday, September 2

"Mangez. Dormez. Nagez . Répétez "

 I thought it was probably about time to blog about my holiday. It feels like an entity ago by now....

Whilst the weather is chucking it down in England's green & pleasant lands, it is currently 30C and crystal blue skies in the south of France... I think I'm developing seasonal affective disorder. I miss the sun already!

This new illness of mine developed after returning from holiday. My dear friend Anna & I jet setted off to Nice with my family before driving along the Cote d'Azur to the town next door to Cannes, Juan les Pins. Perfectly situated in between Cannes & Monaco, it was such an ace location for a weeks visit.

Every other day we went on an adventure to one of the local hot spots, the other days we did what we holiday goers do best. We had lazy days....

Eating... Sleeping... Swimming... and repeating.

The dream.

I've got all of the fun town adventure posts to show you soon, but in the mean time, here is what our stunning 'lazy days' looked like.

*Sigh.... Take me back!!*

 Every morning we would gander down the small French roads, overflowing with flowers and trees, to the local boulangerie.

 Anna would 'parlez' very well in French (she is studying French & going to Montpellier in a few weeks after all...), whilst I pressed my nose up against the glass. There is nothing, I repeat... NOTHING, as jaw droppingly drool worthy as the smell in a French bakers. The ovens are directly behind the till, dishing out fresh croissants which the attendant quickly sells out of. I reckon it's a ploy to make you buy more...

 Laden with bags of pastries and baguettes to serve up at lunch (with lashings of local cheese, of course), the whole family sat outside next to the pool for a lazy day brunch.

And then?

This beautiful sight. All day. Every other day. Crystal blue skies...Ice blue pools... And of course, my no longer albino white skin.

 Anna & I lounged, dozed and listened to every song we had on our iPhones.

A personal favourite of mine is Ed Sheeran's 'X'. I preordered this months ago and have listened to it each and every day since it came out. It is just unbelievably good. I know all of the lyrics, especially for 'Don't' and 'I'm a Mess' which are my favourites. If you haven't got this album... Get it. I never buy whole albums, but for this fellow ginger, I'll happy dish out the dollar.

 Everything was always perfectly quiet and relaxed... And then? Inevitably...


It always ended in anarchy.

Diving, left, right & centre. It's always good fun pretending you are as good as Tom Daley!

As the afternoons in the pool drew into the later hours of dimmed sunlight, the local, French wine got cracked open.

 Once cleaned up and dry, and after a few games of beer *cough* water pong, we would head out for dinner along  the sea front in Juan les Pins. I decided not to take any pictures of the food, it was a holiday after all, but if anyone ever needs restaurant recommendations just holla. Some of the best places that we found were undiscovered and favourites with the locals, far from the eyes of tourists.

 Juan les Pins was a brilliant town, it had plenty of both global and French tourists which meant that it felt almost authentic and that you weren't just surrounded by Brits/Russians/Americans. The town was always busy until late in the evening with street markets, performers and even go karting for the little kids. It had just the right balance between ago groups too, especially considering that there was four 20-22 year olds in our party, the idea of being in a very child friendly or older scene wasn't appealing. It was a great place to suit all ages and we felt comfortable and safe exploring in the evenings.

So what was the young' un's favourite drink spot in the evenings?

It had to be Pam Pam, a busy tiki themed bar only open in the summer months that featured amazing cocktails.

 This 'rumerie' was brilliant. An unlimited list of bright, sparkling cocktails that came out in quirky decorations. (Our favourite had to be the giant pineapple!) The evenings got ridiculously busy so grabbing a table was difficult, crowds of people were watching on the street curb trying to soak up the atmosphere and see the South American style dancers.

Wandering back each evening, we curled up in our villa, shattered from a day of relaxing. (Ironic I know!) We went to bed each of these days knowing that we had an adventure planned for when we awoke...

Just you wait to see the adventures and exploring that are coming up next!


  1. Ahhh nothing beats lying in the sun then jumping into the cooling water!
    I've never been to the south of France, but it is definitely on my list! Looks like the place to be =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! I think the relaxing days of vacations might be my favorite - these pictures are making me miss laying by a pool so. much!

  3. Looks like you had a whale of a time! xx


  4. Ok, Can I please invite myself along on your next holiday?! It looks like so much fun. You look gorgeous in that bikini by the way. Love the pool photo!

    I'm definitely going to try to convince my parents to go on a big family holiday next year!

    Katie <3

  5. Wow it looks like you had an incredible time! Your photos are amazing, and the look of those gorgeous fresh pastries has made me so unbelievably hungry. I can't wait to go to France while I work my way through my travel bucket list over the next few years! xo

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

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