Saturday, September 6

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Even though I would have loved to lounge in a bikini by the pool for a whole week, that just wasn't an option. We were situated right in between Antibes, Cannes & only a short train ride from Monaco. It would have been a crime to have selfishly sat in the pool all the time.

(I was also pretty tempted with the Monte Carlo stereotype of glamour. Grace Kelly, casinos & super yachts... Yes please!)

With our ridiculously cheap train tickets, we left early doors with our croissants wrapped up in our bags to speed alongside the Cote d'Azur.

 Arriving at the train station, which rather awesomely is embedded in the side of a mountain, we dashed on up the steep path way towards the castle to see the royal changing of the guard.

 On the dot at exactly 11.55am, the troops marched, in all white, out of the castle gates.

Rather different and less formal than Buckingham Palace, but who doesn't love watching armed men in suits parading around?!

 Anna & I weaved our way down the stunning, narrowed streets towards one of the most stunning views of a city that I've ever seen.

 Absolutely stunning. The jaw dropping ships in the harbour, the crystal blue sea and the towering white washed flats... Ohh Monaco, you've stolen a little bit of my heart. I bet it's even more beautiful at night too...

|| Dress, Old Topshop (Similar here & here)|| Sunglasses, Asos|| 

 Ever pictured racing through towering side streets or 'living the Italian dream' (*cough*, Lizzie McGuire movie style...) on a Vespa? How I wish I could have taken this bright red and cream beauty for a spin!

 Nestled away down a side street, we found a rather famous and scrumptious chocolatier, (the one endorsed by the royal family in fact!)

 The diet definitely had to be put to one side when faced with these delights. I just had to pick up some of their white chocolate rice puffs. Divine.

 Next up on the agenda was the famous cathedral which was jam packed and bright white in the sunshine.

 Of course, seeing the grave of the famous princess, Grace Kelly, was an utter must. The crowds all solemnly tipped their hats in respect and her portraits are to be seen all over the city.

 We wandered around the castle for a few hours, sipped on some rich espressos and then walked down to the harbour to admire the rather exquisite super yachts. I swear, these yachts were jaw dropping beauties. They were so big that under the hulls they even had smaller boats hidden away in order to elegantly take their owners to the shore and back, if one required the main vessel to stay in deeper waters of course.

The best part? Eyeing up each and every one as we decided which one we wanted to make our own.

 This rather obscene 'boat', (I'm questioning that because it was as big as a ferry and can't even be called a yacht if you ask me. Tanker, ferry or vessel come to mind instead), even had its own helicopter. It probably could have housed half the population of this state. Ridiculous!

 For Formula 1 fans such as myself, hitting up some of the famous race track spots was a must. First up the tunnel, where everyone seemed to break the speed limit and rev their engines to hear them growl ferociously in the confined space.

 And of course, the rather dangerous 'U' bend that inevitably ends in at least one crash.

 Round the corner in Monte Carlo (which is a district in the state of Monaco, it is easy to get confused), is the private casinos and expensive shops. Well worth a walk around even if you don't have that kind of dollar.

 And, of course, the rich and famous were show boating their Ferraris, Bentleys and Bugattis directly outside the famous Monte Carlo Casino. (My favourite was an all black, sleek Aston Martin DB9... Mr Bond can swing by and pick me up in that beauty any day.)

 We wandered, and wandered, and wandered for hours... Just taking in the beautiful buildings, the ornate details and the rather calm way of life. Monte Carlo was beautifully kept and there was not a scrap of decay, rubbish or anything really negative in sight.

I'm definitely returning one day to spend a night in this beautiful place, maybe I'll throw a few dice in the casinos and hopefully I'll visit when Formula 1 are racing around. But, regardless, it is a stunning place that if you get the chance, you just have to visit.

A different world & a different scene, all nestled away on the picturesque Cote d'Azur for the ultimate millionaires play ground.


  1. Glam glam glam! ❤


  2. Amazing place! Love the architecture and the harbour! You sure had lots of fun! :)

  3. I went to Monaco/Monte Carlo years ago. It's so funny seeing your photos of exactly the same scenes I witnessed all those years ago!

    Katie <3

  4. Great photos:) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get the chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo


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