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A couple of weeks ago a little email dropped into my mailbox...

The restaurant chain, Chiquito, asked if I fancied coming down and sampling their brand spanking new menu. How exciting!

With our sombreros donned at the ready, my friend Cat & I drove to their nearby branch on the outskirts of Leeds and got stuck into the Mexican spirit.

I must admit, neither Cat nor myself had ever been to Chiquito before, this was all a new experience (one decked out with thick, bushy moustaches!)

Having been shown to our seats by the rather charming staff, Cat & I sat down with our cosmopolitans and mojitos to soak up the atmosphere, have a gossip and peruse the menu.

 Now I originally thought Chiquito was all about fajitas. Ohhh Emily... How wrong I was.

They boast tasty burgers, crunchy tacos, delicious flatbreads, melt in the mouth steaks, nachos and a host of other classic Mexican favourites too. Like seriously, if you can't find something you like on this menu, you have a serious food problem.

It took us a good twenty minutes to decide and we even ended up asking the helpful waiter for recommendations. He explained to us that the new menu is all about quality food, but served in rapid timing. They claim to have you 'fed and watered' to a high standard on their lunch menu in only 15 minutes. (But let's be honest, we all would rather sit there for hours and enjoy our time!)

 Cat & I decided that the best way to start this feast was the tackle their 'Tasting Platter'.

Even though the restaurant was really busy on a Friday night, in minimal time a huge plate of mexican favourites arrived....

Nachos, chorizo gem lettuce wraps, BBQ pulled pork taquito and chilli poppers; all served with homemade salsa and sour cream for some dipping and dunking!

 Apologies for some of oddly blueish photos, the lighting was rather 'atmospheric' (which was great to eat in, but not so much for my camera!)

Without the doubt, the nachos smothered in molten cheese, sour cream and rich guacamole were my favourite. I'm a sucker for avocado didn't you know?

The chorizo gem lettuce wraps, pictured below, were dainty little bites which rather surprisingly held one heck of a spicy kick. But, when combated with the mammouth amount of food to follow, their lightness was warmly welcomed.

As the evening drew on, the restaurant was slowly getting busier and busier. Cat and & I seemingly lost our inhibitions whilst waiting for the main courses and decided it was time to grow some facial hair in ridiculous speeds.

'Tash on!!

First up, the 'Major'!

The 'Gangstaaaaa'!!

The rather suave Mariachi Master....!

And finally, my personal favourite... The thick and bushy 'Walrus'.

Yeah, Cat & I are awesome... We know, we know.

But then, dum dum durrrrrr... Our manly bonding session was quickly cut short with this epic sight that arrived, sizzling in front of our eyes.

I might have said that Chiquito was more than just fajitas, and it indeed is. But it is a Mexican and we thought it was an utter crime to not sample a key classic! Plus, they did look rather impressive emerging from the kitchen on a giant sizzling platter.

Having been handed a giant pot of sour cream, cheese and their home made guacamole (which Cat & I honestly fell in love with), we set about plating up to make some mouth watering classic fajitas.

The classic chicken, then cheese, then sour cream, then guac combo is also the winning way to roll up your wrap.

 I'm a big fajitas snob, I don't like any of that pre packeted stuff. I like to shake out the spices myself to properly infuse the chicken. (Plus the more onions the better, especially when they go all brown and caramelised!)

These fajitas were pretty cracking I must admit. They had just the right level of spice; enough to get your taste buds going but not enough to make your mouth set on fire. Smothered in thick cream, melting cheese and guac, they were definitely a good choice to start with.

Yep, you heard me right.... To start with.

Cat & I were going full out.

Not only did we pick their classic fajitas, but also their Chiquito 'Street Style' Burrito and their 'Pulled Pork Tacos'. We were on a roll.

Round Two, ding ding... The street style burrito: an oven baked soft flour tortilla packed with Texan style cheese sauce, refried beans, cheese, lettuce and Mexican spiced rice. We chose their veggie five bean chilli in an attempt to diversify a little from the meat feast before our eyes.

Now this was top notch. This photo shows you the ace level of molten cheese which was crammed inside and the mixed veggie beans had a subtle spice that paired so well with the cheesy goodness. As a main dish, this was our favourite if we were to order only one again.

The pulled pork, smothered in BBQ sauce and filled into tacos was so succulent, sweet and tender that it really did surprise us. The taco couldn't really handle it though and went a bit floppy with the cheese, but we didn't care. It tasted damn good, it just didn't look attractive to eat!

With some very, very full stomachs, Cat & I groaned in defeat. We might have starved ourselves all day but even our hungry stomachs couldn't manage to eat every last morsel in front of us.

.... That was until we saw their menu featured churros.

Imagine cinnamon spiced doughnuts shaped as sticks, ready to dunk in molten chocolate. Literally the dream for the taste buds but not the thighs.

A cheeky and sweet way to end one heck of a cheat meal.

I want to say a big thank you to Chiquito for inviting Cat & I along. To be completely honest, I'm always quite sceptical of big chains. They sometimes appear as just being another big name brand that produces generic food and can get away with it because of their scale.

But, this wasn't the case. The thing that I liked about this meal was that it wasn't overstated. It was simple, reasonably priced, good Mexican food. For two cocktails, a huge sharing platter, 3x enormous main courses and one pudding, the grand total was only £60. Great for student budgets.

So, if you fancy trying out the new menu for yourselves, hop on down to your local branch. (I think I'm definitely giving the 'hot baked wraps' and 'texmex' a go next time: you can't try everything at once after all!)

--- Chiquito New Menu ----



  1. I absolutely love chiquitos, like you said the food really is pretty good for a chain! The staff are always super friendly too.

  2. Ah there's a Chiquito just around the corner from me and we keep saying we need to try it! I definitely will after this. It all looks incredible!

    Thanks for the recommendation Emily!

    Katie <3

  3. oh wow, the food look delicious!!

  4. Oh my so much food! It looks delicious! I haven't been to Chiquitos for years, but may have to check out their new menu!

    Scrimping to Splash

  5. Couldn't agree with you more Hannah! x

  6. Well worth a try, the branch we went to pulled out all the stops for us. Their nachos are top notch! xx

  7. You know it's a good place when it involves food, mustaches, and sombreros!
    Looks like you ladies had a great time =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X


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