Sunday, October 26

Hepworths Deli, Leeds

I've been friends with a girl called Kirsty since my first day of university.

When I arrived with all of my bags, an eager faced and terrified fresher, Kirsty was already sat there on my flat mates bed, nattering away. She's been a constant in my university experience since day 1.

Even though times have changed and so have my friends, Kirsty and I are still close. We always go for lunch dates, complain about our work loads together and are currently planning on going on the ski trip together. (Yes Kirsty, it will be the best week of your life, you have to come!)

Usually we just hit the student bar for our lunch dates, but this weekend we decided to branch out. I've walked past the Hepworths Deli multiple times when strolling down the Thorntons Arcade in the city centre. It's tucked away, just off the busy shopping streets and is an absolute gem.

With grumbling stomachs, Kirsty & I finally landed a table in this tiny, little deli and set about perusing the all day brunch menu and sipping on some damn good flat whites.

Even though their sandwiches look blooming incredible, this was a brunch date. Their home made steak sandwiches were going to have to wait until next time... (Trust me, after watching many enormous sandwiches being whizzed to each of the customers in front of our ravenous faces, another visit is a must. They looked insaneeeee.)

Kirsty plumped for their chorizo and spring onion scrambled eggs on sour dough toast.

I tried a bite of this and it was brilliant. Just enough meaty chorizo to not blow your head off and the scrambled eggs were beautifully buttery.

Say hello to the beautiful girl herself...

And, of course, I chose their eggs royale. I'd been craving hollandaise for weeks and smoked salmon is one of my favourite foods in the world. Like, if I had to have a last breakfast, this would be it. The dreeeeeam!

The hollandaise was just right. Buttery, rich and flavoursome, but not too overpowering. The smoked salmon packed a punch of flavour and the muffin was perfectly toasted.

Yep, it was a jolly good brunch!

Of course, dessert afterwards was a must. Their cakes were standing tall and proud all along the counter, and we just couldn't resist their caramel slice.

The cafe itself is snug and cosy. The walls are lined with deli products and local foods and a proper coffee machine whurrs away in the background. It's got just the right amount of buzz, enough that you feel you can relax but not too much that you can't hear each other.

Snuggled away down this quaint little arcade, the Hepworths Deli is a fabulous find. Great coffees, a reasonably priced brunch and just the right level of atmosphere for such a busy and small cafe. Next time, we're hitting those jaw dropping sandwiches!

-- Sunglasses, From my university ski trip! -- Handbag, Vintage Mulberry --

21 Thorntons Arcade


  1. This place looks so lovely, I can't wait to try it out when I'm back! Nice to have a change from good old Popina's eh? ;) Miss you and Kirsty!!

  2. When we were in Leeds we struggled to find somewhere for lunch! Eventually we chose that roof top restaurant, but this would have been perfect! Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back at some point!

    Katie <3


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