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How to Cure a Hangover

After three years of university, I've become a bit of a hangover expert.

Hockey socials are brutal, they write off the whole of a Thursday and usually make you still feel a tad ill on the Friday. (Of course, they are so much fun that all of this pain and stomach turning agony is worth every depressing minute. )

When speaking to our Freshers, they are obviously very new to this glamorous, new world of glorious and wild nights out... Followed by hell of course the next day. In an attempt to help them, I decided it was time to put my experiences and advice into a blog post.

So, for all of the students out there, or for anyone who is going to be having an amazing night this weekend for Halloween, here's what I've learnt from the countless number of Thursdays that I have been a 'broken woman':

Before you go out:

Rule 101 that we always give to our Freshers. Never, ever, ever go out on an empty stomach. I know it seems obvious, but unless you want to be vomiting a few hours into the night, line your stomach. No one likes a state and no one wants to look after one. Look after yourself and at least eat a piece of toast.
Drink a pint of water before you go out, during if you are really being keen, but definitely when you get back. What ever you do, do not go to bed without drinking a pint of water & keep another by your bed for the morning. Hangovers are of course dehydration so the more water you drink, the better you will feel the next day. An obvious point but an essential one.
I should say,"Don't mix drinks, especially spirits and wine", but I'd be a hypocrite for saying this. For anyone that goes on nights out, you will know that this is just never going to happen, especially after a few drinks and the VK's or Jagerbombs start coming out thick and fast. Try to stick to clear spirits if you can, (it's also less calories and an easier hangover), but of course, I'm being optimistic here.

The Morning After:

So you've had an amazing night. You were throwing some crazy shapes, have some hilarious photos on your phone that will not be making it to Facebook and you were living as though it was the last night of your life. (Amazing.) But, shock horror, you probably ignored all of the above advice because you were having such an ace time and were 'YOLO-ing' like it was nothing else.

I bet you feel like death today? Well welcome to what us Thursday sufferers call, 'The Struggle Bus'.

So, what remedies would I recommend for your horrific, crippling and nauseating ailment?
1) Water:
Drink, drink, drink. Buckets of the stuff. If you are really struggling, sip in small gulps, but keep drinking.

A simple yet probably the most effective solution.
2) Berocca:

I learnt about this magical cure when I was skiing in Val Thorens. The vitamins help replenish your system and wake you up. If Berocca is a bit pricey for all you students out there, Boots & Superdrug both do their own value range. Same stuff, just under a different name. You can thank me after buying a tube of these, they'll save your day if you actually have work to do.
3): Exercise

Now, I'm not going to lie, this option is going to hurt... A lot. It might even make you feel a bit ill, but, it is probably one of the better options. Sweat out all of the poison that is alcohol, get it out of your system and feel a million times better afterwards. (Of course this option is assuming you can even make it out of bed.)
4): A Fry Up

Literally the dream sight and it is always a good
idea to eat something if your stomach can manage it. Try not to over do the fry up on size though, too much and it can just make you feel worse. Dig in but remember you have a tender stomach to nurse back to health. Too much too soon will just cause the reverse effect.
5): Keep Moving & Busy:
This option helps me a lot. If I have a hangover, the first thing I do is act like I don't have a hangover. I follow step number 8, get dressed in nice clothes (it makes you feel less slobby, nicer and people won't guess that you are feeling like death because you've made an effort), and get going with my jobs. Yes, it might seem like a struggle to begin with, but if I stop and act sorry for myself, then I do feel horrific. Get up, get active and you'll be surprised that actually, you'll only feel tired from the lack of sleep you had from getting in at 5am and not from the booze.
6): Hair of the Dog:
Our university hockey squad is a sucker for this option. Every Thursday, without fail, a huge group of hungover students gather in the union bar for some food and pints of cider black. The first pint, I must admit, is difficult. Sometimes very difficult... But, after that first pint, it's smooth sailing and you actually feel a lot better for it.

Surprising, ey?

Cider black (cider with blackcurrant squash), is pretty refreshing, so I'd stick to something like this/something easy instead of hitting the big guns. You are meant to be making yourself feel better remember, not drunk again. (Even though sometimes this does happen...)
7): Coffee:

This is my life drug anyway as I can't survive without caffeine on a daily basis, but on a hangover it helps with the lack of sleep depression.

Coffee wakes up that sore head and always goes nicely with a slice of cake!
8): Shower
Definitely the best option when you first wake up. Wash away the night before's grime (and memories if it was a bit loose), and feel fresh once more. Go for this option and not a bath, you'll more than likely be so relaxed that you will fall asleep and the whole point is to wake you up and get up and active. It's also the best solution if you were covered in face paint the night before too... (There is nothing worse than going into uni still with stains of green, blue, gold or purple smeared across your body!)

And there you have it, what I've learnt about hangovers in my three years of university. Some of these obviously aren't ground breaking, but that's because *shock horror* they work!

Happy drinking everyone (in moderation of course). Be careful, look after yourselves and have an amazing time. You're only young once after all, so go out and have a few merry drinks and still feel okay the next day... It is possible!


  1. I find that eating when you get home usually helps too

  2. The upside of a pretty full-on course that leaves you absolutely exhausted by Friday evening wanting nothing more than an early night is that hangovers are few and far between for me now. The other week though I did come home, drank plenty of water and had a slice of nutella on toast. I also really thoughtfully made myself a hot chocolate before crawling into bed and falling fast asleep... it tasted alright when I woke up at 6am the next morning, if not exactly hot anymore. Waking up to a chocolate milkshake was great!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  3. As a fresher this is such a great post to stumble across, I feel it may save my life many a time!

    Heather x

  4. My god. It's like you knew. Clicked on bloglovin and this is what I see. (Although if we're being honest it is halloween, so perhaps it's not so incredible after all!)

  5. Fry up or pizza are my boyfriend's go-to methods to help his hangover. Definitely not the time you want to be in the kitchen!
    I've read somewhere eating a slightly burn toast before going to bed helps - something to do with the burnt bit releasing some kind of chemicals? Not too sure!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  6. Agreed! I'm a fan of a good cheese toastie before bed :)

  7. Well I'm jealous of your lack of hangovers but not of the tedious hours Jennifer! I think it's just part of hockey that you have to learn to deal with hangovers and power on through the pain! Chocolate milkshake... AMAZING SHOUT! x

  8. You're welcome my dear, I hope it helps :) x

  9. I have a 6th sense Beanie/I was in that situation myself! I hope the tips helped you feel better xx

  10. Fry up the morning after is the dreammmmmm. Literally nothing else to make you feel better than an ace brunch. I've heard that too actually, I'm just not keen on the idea of burnt toast unfortunately! xx


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