Friday, October 3

Varsity '14

There are two events in my beloved hockey calendar that are my some of my favourite moments at university during the year. I even wrote a little last year about this momentous event too...

The hockey ball/alumni weekend is a cracking way to end the season in May, but, there is nothing better than some 'Beckett Bashing' to begin the year with.

This is the day of green vs. purple. This is the day of uni vs. met. This ladies & gentlemen, is Varisity.

My role on the hockey committee is publicity, (rather fitting with the blog don't ya think?) so I had to go around taking hundreds of photos for our website, tweeting the scores as they happened and also making sure everyone was having an ace time.

With pints of the classic 'cider black' in our hands, we wandered around the lacrosse, football & other sports fields before heading off down to the hockey pitches to support our club & university to the max.

We made it just in time for the push back of the jaw dropping match of the 1st Men.

Chants began ferociously on the sidelines to cheer on the lads and to put the opposition's supporters in their place.

Unfortunately, we weren't as lucky this year and the outcome wasn't what we hoped for. Oh well, life goes on...

The playing fields slowly drained of life as everyone began to dash over to the nearby Headingley Carnegie Stadium, the main event of the day was about to kick off.

It was time for the 1st Rugby Union. It gives me goosebumps just remembering the atmosphere...

The hockey crew all crammed into our block of seats, squeezing in to fit in our enormous club. With pints in hand, we cheered on the mascots, cheerleaders and finally, the rugby squad.  I can't really put into words the emotion, buzz and atmosphere of varsity. Thousands of university students stand in the stadium, whether or not they like rugby, just for the experience.

Chants swam in loud chorus' around the arena, usually based on; 'Your Dad works for my Dad', 'We pay your benefits' or 'If you can't spell Met, go to Beckett'. (For clarification, Leeds Met just changed their name to Leeds Beckett, hence the confusion!)

These were the 'nicer' of the chants, but it is all tongue in cheek & part of the fun of it.

And of course, the standard arm thrust whilst shouting 'UNAYYYYYYYYYYYY, UNAYYYYYYYY, UNAYYYYYYY' was popular.

I might have lost my voice over the course of the match...

Chants were sung, pints were had and teams cheered and joked.

Varsity is without a doubt one of my favourite uni experiences, everyone heads to the union afterwards for a night out and the atmosphere is electric. The sporting tag line of the Leeds Uni sports teams is 'One Big Gryphon' and this reflects the whole experience.

It was a cracking night where everyone let loose and celebrated in full swing. (Hence the below photo which was the only photo I took of the night!)

Am I sad that this was my last varsity as a university student?

Yes. I'm gutted.

I don't want to be an alumni.


  1. Ahh Cider and Black - love it! It must feel so surreal knowing that there's only one year left, and this is it!

    Have a great start to the week hun xoxo

  2. This looks amazing! Was this the night before I saw you, I wish we'd known as I would have loved to have gone along. I can imagine it's quite raucous with a fab evening!

    You and your poor lost voice! Hope you've managed to find it again!

    Katie <3


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