Sunday, November 30

Harrogate Christmas Market

It's been a pretty chaotic week, one full of 'fun' uni stuff and dissertation proposals... But, I've had something to look forward to & keep me going.

My parents ventured up north for a weekend and stayed in what sounds like an incredible hotel in Wensleydale.

On the way back down, they thought it would be nice if I took a day out of Leeds and met them in Harrogate.

Of course. I leapt at the chance.

After boarding the train at Leeds with 'Melanie's' cappuccino in hand, I hopped on board with a rumbling stomach, and fantasies of a Bettys brunch. I adore this place & have been multiple times, in fact it was even one of my first blog posts... It's always scrumptious and comforting.

Sorry, I was way too busy catching up with my parents to take photos of Bettys... But, I did manage to snap some shots of Harrogate's Christmas Market.

It was absolutely heaving. With merry trumpeters playing and Christmas carols being sung, I'm not surprised that it attracted hoards of people. Being run over by at least 12 buggies in 20 minutes wasn't the most fun in the world, but walking round all of the stalls got us in the Christmas spirit nevertheless.

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like the smell of roasting chestnuts, mulled wine, and garlands...

And they even had reindeer....!! I love the German Christmas market in Leeds, but I wish they had reindeer too.

Even with a full stomach, the smell of these sausages and the local cheeses was divine... After all, comfort food is always the best food.

 We had a hunt around some of Harrogate's stunning home decor shops and mooched around the jam packed streets.

And finally, I treated myself to a little something.

I've been dying for a pair of blue jeans for ages but can never find a pair that flatters...

If anyone out there needs a pair of jeans, I can't recommend the Jack Wills Fernham jeans enough, I have them in dark navy, now denim blue, (and probably soon in black.) A faultless pair of stretchy jeans and well worth the investment.

So, I had a great day out with my parents even though it isn't long until I see them for Christmas any way. Scary how time flies isn't it?! It feels as if it was only yesterday that my mother and I were sat in that exact Bettys after my first month as a Fresher two years ago....

I hope you've all had a good weekend, I'm off to take my roast chicken out of the oven.

** Ahhh... The dream**


  1. I love Christmas markets so much, they're so festive, definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas! Sounds like you had a lovely day with your parents :)

    Heather x

  2. Mannnnnn that is one teeny,weeny waist Emily! You look hot!!

    Lovely that your mum & dad came to visit - I used to miss mine like mad at Uni and really loved coming home to spend Christmas with them. :)

    Flora x

  3. Ahh how lovely that you got to see your parents!
    I love the Christmas markets in the UK, so festive!! I've barely noticed that it's December as it's so hot here in Sydney right now, don't even have a decoration in sight yet!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. The jeans look fabulous! Such a gorgeously festive post Emily. The reindeer are so beautiful. I can't help being a bit shocked by their antlers though. Do you know why they're covered in blood?!

    Katie <3

  5. Can't agree enough Heather, they are the best things to get you into the Christmas spirit! x

  6. Haha thanks Flora! Far away from a VS model but got to rock the curves nevertheless! I always love them visiting, they always insist on taking me out of Leeds so it's a great, refreshing break! 10 days until I'm home! x

  7. Aww Teffy... I miss having you in the UK! I hope Sydney is treating you well and you have an epic BBQ on the beach for Xmas! x

  8. I can't swear by those jeans enough Katie! Best buys ever....
    I know, I was a bit shocked too so I asked the woman, apparently they naturally shred?! Odd huh?! x


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