Monday, November 3

Ibbs, Eggs & the Abbey

However cheesy this might sound, blogging is a community, (and a tight knit one at that.)

You start following a blog that intrigues you and instantly, you are offered an insight into the life and personal space of somebody else that you have never met. So, it's always a little bit odd when you do meet a blogger that you've been following... You feel as if you know them personally. You know their life details, what they have been up to and their likes/dislikes. It's almost as if you are meeting an old friend!

Well, this happened to Ibbs and I. We met almost two years ago and she has become one of my really good friends... All thanks to blogging!

Ibbs is currently at Sandhurst so keeping in contact isn't as easy as before. However, the second that I found out that she was venturing up north for her leave weekend, a catch up was without a doubt on the cards.

Queue the hashtag, #IbbsinLeeds.

With a choca blocked day in store and after some hugs and gushing, we headed to the Love Rouge Bakery for some coffees and a filling brunch.

 We caught up, gossiped about our lives and exchanged stories that our distance has other wise kept from each other.

 And of course, we both picked their eggs royale (both our absolute favourite: twinsies!)

If you are ever in Headingley, head on over to the Love Rouge Bakery. They've had a revamp since I blogged about it in the very beginning, but their food, coffee and cake (OH MY GOD THE CAKE....) has only got better. Great quality food, a central location and a reasonable price: the student dream!

Anyway, after sufficiently fuelling ourselves for the day, we dashed down the road to the nearby Kirkstall Abbey. With the falling autumn leaves, it was the perfect setting for a lunchtime stroll.

Kirkstall Abbey is an old monastic abbey from the 12thC, now you know that I'm a history nerd (it is my degree after all)... But coincidentally so is Ibbs.

So we had a wander....

Climbed a few stone walls...

And played a little hide & seek!

Since it was Halloween, the abbey was busy with tiny tots completing treasure hunts and spooky games. (As you can tell, our photography was getting in their way a bit... The little girl wasn't impressed!)

Me: || Mac, Zara || Top,(Old) Zara || Leggings, Zara || Boots, Topshop||

Ibbs: || Jacket, Barbour || Leggings, Zara || Shoes, Topshop ||

Unfortunately the main aisle in the centre of the abbey was closed in preparations for the evening's entertainment (I was kind of gutted as it is stunning inside), but Ibbs and I just walked around instead.

Ibbs and I had a great wander, just nattering and minding our own business. We spent the rest of the day shopping in the city centre and sipping on multiple cups of coffee. It was so nice to see her, even if only for a day.

Blogging might be a bit scary at times as you are literally documenting your life to the world, but it can also open great opportunities and friendships that otherwise would never have been possible.

Until next time, dear Ibbs... (I doubt it'll be too long!)


  1. 2 of my fave bloggers!!!
    Can you believe that I've never had eggs royale?! Must be complete madness to you!
    These photos have made me feel all warm, cosy and autumnal!
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Such a cute post with beautiful photographs. X

  3. Aw looks like you had a fab day! That hot chocolate - at least I think it's hot chocolate - looks incredible!

    Heather x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you two had a wonderful time x

  5. Aww Lottie, I miss you. Another catch up soon pretty please? I will even buy you eggs royale. I could live off of the stuff!!! xx

  6. Thanks Sjoukje :) x

  7. Yep! That's Ibbs hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course, it was one of those days!) xx

  8. Thanks Miss Pond :) Truthfully such a brilliant day! x

  9. Ah miss you both - looking gorgeous as always! Such a fab reunion. I still want to have a big blogger sleepover in Devon and get all my favourites there!

    Katie <3

  10. omg im craving eggs benedict now!


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