Sunday, December 14

Festive Beginnings

Guess whose back in the countryside for Christmas?!

Yep, that's right.

Yesterday I drove back home for Christmas, (in serious need of some TLC), and I'm currently settling back into the countryside life.

My parents decided to wait until I was back home to get the Christmas trees, and so after a coffee stop, we dashed off to pick our two trees.

Now, this is a serious business in our family.

We don't want any bare branches, gaping holes, or thinned furs.

Only the bushiest, plumpest, and fullest of Christmas trees will do.

Luckily we have a Christmas tree farm just down the road for my house, but the competition was really on for the best furs. The second they put out a batch of new, recently cut down trees, they would be snapped up by the crowds of hawk eyed buyers.

But, after years of Christmas tree shopping, my father is a bit of an expert.

Within minutes he'd snapped up the crème de la crème of spruces.

What a legend.

We left with bunches of fresh mistletoe, packs of holly, and two towering trees.

Of course, my car ended up being used to carry them home... Heaven forbid the tree's needles went all over my father's car..?!

So after lugging the trees home, we crashed with a cup of tea in hand.

(The decorations can wait for another day.)

Just a quick little post, but a great way to welcome me home for the holidays!

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  1. Picking the Christmas tree is such a special occasion!

    Heather x


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