Friday, December 12

The Greasy Pig, Leeds

Last night was my hockey society's Christmas meal. In true uni fashion, the champagne corks were popping left, right, and centre and some serious moves were being thrown.

It was a cracker of a night.

But, of course, there is a price to pay for having such a good night and the next day myself and my house mates were feeling a bit worse for wear.

In the Leeds student area, there are two dedicated spots for a hangover cure. One being Poppinas, the other (our favourite), the Greasy Pig.

It always makes me giggle how in London the prices are sky high...

Come over to Leeds and you can get some decent, large plated grub for a quarter of the price. Crazy I know!

Whilst I'm a big fan of the finer things and foods in life, the local 'greasy spoon' is a must have on the radar.

Sometimes simple is best.

The hungover students all rocked up, in their comfiest attire, and snuggled into the leather booths with a mince pie and a huge jug of water whilst they waited for their food to settle the grumbling stomachs.

The Greasy Pig does everything. Pancakes, grilled sandwiches, bacon muffins, American cereals, burgers, baps, and even the odd healthy dish. Their specials menu is pretty incredible though; the two worth a mention are their:

- 'Loaf of Breakfast': a full, hollowed out loaf of bread, filled with bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and hash browns... (All for £4.99)

 (Image from Instagram)

- The Paralyser: 4x 0f each... Eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, toast, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, black pudding... (All for £8.99, but if you finish it in under 12 minutes you get on the leader board and the meal for free!)

Now, we were hungry, but we weren't that hungry.

Most of my house mates went for the half paralyser, (just the right size) and only a fiver.

Whereas I went for my favourite, their poached eggs, avocado, and bacon on granary toast.

All smothered in ketchup of course...

And Sophie and I couldn't resist sharing some cheesy chips too...

It made one or two of us feel a little more human anyway...!

Eventually, the students trundled back along in the freezing cold weather, back to bed, to nurse their hangovers a little more.

Whilst the Greasy Pig might not be the classiest of joints, it does the job and it does it well.

A place certainly in my student memory bank and quite laughable in comparison to some of the swanky London joints I see on blogs a lot...

Got to love student living I guess!



  1. Haha love it. I can never get over how cheap it is in Leeds compared to London!

    Katie <3

  2. The Greasy Pig looks like the perfect hangover cure. I'd be very tempted by the Loaf of Breakfast, although your avocado/egg combination sounds very nice too.

    Heather x

  3. Oh man, those fry ups look SO GOOD! So jealous!


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