Wednesday, January 21

What On Earth Is Going On?!

Well this is an unexpected surprise isn't it?!

Apologies for the blog being down for a while, it was kind of necessary whilst I was fumbling round for hours trying (and still failing) to redirect links and all sorts of weird internet things.
I'm learning but by no means a technology expert!

So, what has happened to 'My Ginger Bread Journey'?!

Nothing. It's still here. All of it's content still present and it's still me typing behind the screen.
'My Ginger Bread' journey has done me well for the past two years. The name originated from me being ginger (obviously), my love of baking (gingerbread), and my journey through university.
I always wanted to change the name but I was never really sure what to change it to...
Finally I came up with 'Auburn Antics'; more on a matter of chance than anything else and it just stuck. I decided to change the name now as soon my blog will move from a 'student blog' to that of a graduate/fully fledged adult, it just seemed like the right time to move things along.

Why the name 'Auburn Antics'?

I wanted to keep the ginger/red head tag line, (it's a big part of who I am after all), so that's where 'Auburn' originated. The 'Antics' is a way to describe everything that I'm up to, now and in the future.  It's got a cheeky edge too which I quite like!

What else should I expect this year? Any more curve balls?

None planned. I decided that this year I wanted to get a lot more involved with blogging. I set up my blog as a university fresher when I had bags of free time on my hands and this meant I could fully immerse myself and fall in love with blogging and the community that it comes with. My final year of university unfortunately means that it is very easy to sidetrack my blog for dissertations and deadlines which obviously have to take priority. However, I want to make a conscious effort to turn my blog into something more than just a casual post every now and again and into something that I can put that enormous amount of passion back into.
So, expect a lot more content on the blog and a lot more effort on my part!

And that's it for now really...
Please let me know if there is anything that you find that doesn't work/looks a bit funny so I can fix it ASAP.
I hope you all like the new site and are sticking with me along my journey.
 Hopefully this year is going to be a good'un!

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