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Ecco Pizzeria, Leeds

For weeks and weeks I have heard about Ecco Pizza. 
I've seen my house mates empty pizza boxes, the looks of blissful content on their faces, and the endless stories about their drool worthy creations.
So, when I was asked along to their bloggers evening the other week, I lept at the chance to attend.

I took along my friend Emilee, the two of us were warmly welcomed by the staff and snuggled into the seats on the end with grumbling stomachs.

At Ecco, they take pizza very seriously. This isn't the sort of place that you would find your bog standard takeaway. This is Neapolitan pizza to a fine art. 
We began the night with a very passionately spoken intro talk where we learnt about the restaurant itself and the staff.
Basically everything is as authentic as possible. The Italian chefs have years of experience making pizzas to perfection, the oven was made in the hills of Tuscany, and all of the ingredients are as fresh as possible and imported from Italy. 
Like I said, proper pizza making is a serious business and one which we were thrilled to be receiving the delicious benefits of!

Whilst we listened, the chefs started stretching out the freshly made dough before our eyes...

After being cooked to utter perfection, this beautiful sight was placed before us. Their classic 'Margherita'...

Ecco create pizza by the metre; even though you can buy an individual 12" pizza, it's a lot more exciting to have the option of up to 4 different flavours on each 1/4 metre. 

Emilee & I were seriously impressed. We'd been starving ourselves all day and this pizza was just drool worthy.
The ingredients were just so fresh, and so flavoursome... Ahh, it was just incredible.

But, we weren't here for just one metre of pizza. Hell no.
We were here to sample and get the full flavour of what Ecco had to offer, the more pizza the better!

We tried a few different flavours, including their 'Napoli' (tomatoes, anchovies, capers, and black olives on a san marzano tomato base with mozarella cheese and oregano) which you can see above. 
And also their 'Marrakech' (slow roasted Morcoccan spiced lamb, caramelised red onions, aubergines and peppers, on their san marzano tomato base and feta cheese based finished with fresh parsely, mint and pomegranate seeds.) 

They were all divine... But the Marrakech was just 'B.E.A...UUUUTIFUL'. 

5 pizzas down and we were still going strong.... And then my favourite pizza of the whole night arrived, their classic 'Margherita' again, but this time with a ricotta stuffed crust. 
Yes, you read that right. *Sigh*. 

Oh... Sweet... Jesus. It was amazing. Such a simple pizza but the flavours, freshness and the skill meant that it tasted and was cooked to perfection. I easily could have eaten a whole metre of this by myself!

And of course, we couldn't eat this fabulous pizza without trying it the Neapolitan way... You fold up each piece carefully before devouring with glee.

But are you gluten free? Or dairy free? Or sat there wondering if this delicious pizza is off limits?
Well don't fret. 
Ecco do the most delicious gluten free (and dairy if you like) pizza made with rice flour.

Utterly, utterly divine. 

After all of this delicious pizza, you would think that Emilee and I were full?
Well we were... Until we saw this....

The most delicious flavours of melting and tasty gelato known to man...

I was utterly sold on their peanut butter flavour. It was creamy, rich and tasted as if you were eating the real thing by the spoonful. 

But, special mention most also go to the raspberry ripple.. and the mint aero... and the pistachio... and the raspberry sorbet. 
To be honest, it was all scrumptious.

Ecco Pizza: it does the most delicious pizzas in Leeds. Eat in, take out, whatever you fancy. It's beautifully made, fresh pizza at a very affordable price. 
There's a reason there is so much hype about their pizzas, and I'll without a doubt be returning very soon.
A huge thank you to Ecco Pizza for inviting myself, Emilee, and the other bloggers over. It was all absolutely brilliant. 

If you fancy trying out Ecco for yourself, you can find them here (or of course get them delivered):

Tel: 01132782828

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*Ecco Pizza kindly invited me over to sample their menu for free, but of course, all views are my own and the pizza really was that darn good!*

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