Tuesday, February 10

Humpit, Leeds

On the last beautifully crisp and blue skied Sunday, my house mate Sarah *Africa to all of us* and myself took a library break over lunch and wandered into Leeds city centre in search of the Corn Exchange.

Everyone say a big hello to the beautiful Sarah...!

Now, I'm trying to be healthy at the moment, (which I must add is impossibly difficult to maintain when you have a blog that's highly food based.) But hey ho, I'm trying!
I've heard about 'Humpit' before, tucked away in the collosal dome that is the Corn Exchange, and I've always heard really strong feedback.
Amazing (and healthy) hummus, at a great valued price, and in a stunning setting?
Sounds like the student dream lunch doesn't it?!

We bounded up to the bar and ogled at the menu for a few minutes, trying to decide what to order.

In the end, we shared their 'Humpit Classic' with falafel, pine nuts & tahini (it was a pretty big bowl), alongside an extra pita and two side salads.

Plus some peach iced tea for me and a mint tea for Sarah.. 
And all of this? Only £12. I'm still scoffing about how good the value for money was!

So Sarah and I grabbed one of their few tables and begun nattering away over our teas, patiently waiting for our lunch.
It was pretty quick to arrive and the hummus bowl looked stunning when placed down before us.

The hummus tasted so darn good. Fresh, crunchy, and just generally drool worthy.
The side salads were actually really impressive because they gave a great lemony zing that set off the flavours of the hummus/falafel.

We both couldn't resist dunking in straight away...
I'm not usually the biggest falafel fan, usually it's okay but nothing really to rave about. But, this falafel I think I could have eaten about ten balls of. Easily.

And the best way that we found to dig into this huge bowl?
Firstly tear off an whopping piece of pita and add a chunk of falafel...

Smother on top with some hummus, both smooth and crunchy...

And then top with a bit of zingy side salad.
Roll the pita back together and then, devour.


Luckily Sarah & I left just before it started to get really busy. For anywhere to be this popular, even though small, on a Sunday lunchtime speaks volumes about its food and reputation.

So, Humpit.
It offered exactly what it said on the tin, great value and tasty hummus and pitas.
I think Sarah & I have unearthed a little gem hidden off the central high street.
If you fancy visiting Humpit yourself, you can find them here (you won't regret it!):


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