Friday, February 20

Turning 21: Part 1 of 2

As some of you will have already seen on my Instagram, I am indeed a 'Valentines Babe', born on the day of lurveeee on the 14th February.
Whilst I always have a blast, this year was a biggie... This year it was my 21st.

Instead of having a big event, my parents & I decided to break down my birthday into two, a) so that it lasts longer and b) because it was just too much chaos organising something during term time that everyone could do, especially with dissertations/hockey matches/couples on dates etc etc... 
And so, we organised my birthday in two. This is the first part, the day before and the day of. I'm going to apologise now because I've been a dreadful blogger and basically documented nothing. (I was enjoying myself way too much to whip out my camera!)
So, this is a collaboration of the few photos that actually got taken, mostly not by me... But, I promise for part two I'm definitely bringing along my camera for some snaps!

The fun & games all began when I picked up two of my dearest friends from home at the train station. Anna & Katie (& later on Jenny) are on years abroad in Montpellier & Madrid & flew the whole way back to England just for this weekend. (Legends or what?!)
I picked them up at the station, dancing around in glee, before treating them and my friend Caoimhe to getting our nails done.

I went for a lush, dark ruby red whilst the others favoured purplely-blue. I'm completely & utterly smitten with Shellac nails- for someone who will never be caught with chipped or blank nails, the idea of having two weeks worth of perfection is the dream!

Before we knew it, it was time to go get ready for supper and glam up. I popped on my new little mesh number from Missguided, quickly did my make up and off we dashed to Blackhouse in the Leeds city centre.

Blackhouse ('The Grill on the Square') is a beautiful steak restaurant in Leeds and has the most charming welcome as the whole outside is decked with fairy lights.
I'll definitely need to return to actually blog about it and take photos!
My parents very, very kindly took 18 of us (including my brother Ben and his girlfriend Charlotte who came up from London) out for a three course meal. (Thai fishcakes, steak & sticky toffee pudding for me: utter bliss & worth the food coma!)

And of course, my mum had ordered another Betty's fondant fancy cake. It was such a brilliant meal that couldn't have gone better and one with my closest friends and family.

But, it was a Friday night and when at Leeds University there is no better way to spend your Friday nights than in the union bar called the Terrace and afterwards Fruity (the holy grail of cheesy music!)

And, naturally... What better way to mark your 21st at midnight than with 21 shots?!

(And no... Please don't worry mother, I didn't have them all to myself!)

I danced the night away with all of my friends who had met us in the Terrace after the meal, sang my heart out to Robbie Williams/Busted and threw some serious shapes with my brother. (Obviously bad dancing runs in our family!)

The next morning, I was way too high on life to have any sign of a hangover and the day begun with Anna & Katie & myself cuddling in bed with prosecco, fondant fancies, cards & presents.

But with rumbling stomachs, we soon got ourselves up and ready and set off for brunch, (just like last year) in LS6. All of us plucked for their eggs royale but with sides of avocado, sausage & hash browns. A classic combination to say the least.

The rest of my day was spent saying goodbye to my friends & family as they dashed off home, watching the six nations with my house mates over tea and cake and then going to a singles dinner party hosted by my friend, Rosie, in the evening.
Piers was definitely out to make a good impression!

A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who made my birthday as wonderful as it was. It might not have been a glamorous huge party, but it was perfect just doing my favourite things with my favourite people and in my favourite places. I've got the family side of my 21st in a rather beautiful location this coming weekend so I promise that one will be better documented!
Hope you all have a good weekend.



  1. Happy 21st! What a perfect day you had :) x

  2. Happy 21st! It's the best age, enjoy it!! I love Blackhouse so much!

    Sophia :) x

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

  3. You are not real! Rofl!


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