Sunday, March 8

Life Lately

Hello, hello!
I'm so sorry the blog's been a bit quiet as of late. After all of the amazing 21st celebrations, I had to play catch up and knuckle down with some dissertation work & sifting through hundreds of 18thC newspapers. (Joy of joys!)
I've got some blog posts in the pipeline so service will resume as normal from this week.
But in the meantime, to show you all that I'm still alive & kicking, here's life lately through the lens of my iPhone....

Caffeine (as always) is a prominent theme in my life & my days are revolving around coffee stops. I don't want to use the word 'addiction', but that's pretty darn close.

I've taken to buying fresh flowers for my bedroom every week. It doesn't half help brighten up things & create some positivity. (Plus, they are ridiculously Instagram-able!)

I received one or two late birthday presents, one of them was this gorgeous, engraved cake knife from my house mates (& Caoimhe!) which will no doubt be used in my next cake photo shoot.
Also my big brother Ben, regardless of the mistake on dates, got me this wonderful birthday tag decoration! A big thank you to both.

I've, of course, been watching the Six Nations religiously with my England shirt on. As you might have seen from my Twickenham post, my family are obsessed with rugby... 

But, I've also been really stuck in with my beloved hockey club (LUUWHC) at the moment.

Even though playing, organising, and helping with the club by being on the committee is taking up quite a bit of time, I love it. We're 'BUCS National Club of the Year' (basically voted the best university sports society in the country) and by being so, we do more than just play hockey....

We raise over £10,000 for charity each year & help run tournaments/sessions to teach children how to play. I'm serious going to miss these gals next year.

'Girls nights' are becoming a common theme on Call Lane (the big cocktail/lane of bars in the centre of Leeds) & I'm surprised we haven't done them sooner.

I've been slowly going through the range of Glorious Soups which they very kindly sent me to review; they're utterly delicious & that blog post is one in the works.

Eight of us also drove to nearby Xscape to check out 'Gravity', their huge trampoline park. It's amazing. Dodgeball, a jump pit, a slam dunk area, and then just loads of trampolines... We'll definitely be back. (Unfortunately, I tried to blog this & got told off as no cameras/phones are allowed- sorry!)

My walks to uni are just getting prettier and prettier each and every day as spring arrives...

And in preparation for my university ski trip that is so, so close (*eeeek!!!*), I went to the Snowriders Ball where my house mates & I took full advantage of their photo booth.

I hope everyone's well & having a good weekend.
I'll try to not be as elusive as I've been as of late, but in the meantime, give me a follow on Instagram to keep up to date with everything.
(Also, don't forget it's Mother's Day next Sunday too! Time to get planning...)

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