Thursday, April 23

A Lil' Catch Up

 Hello, hello. 
It's been a while hasn't it?
Apologies for the delay in posts, my dissertation deadline is on Tuesday so until then the Duchess of Devonshire & 18thC newspapers are basically my life.
But, I thought I'd show you a couple of snaps to let you know what I've been up to in the meantime...


Has anyone else been loving these amazing blue skies?? 
It's made my walk into uni each day that much more bearable.... Before going into the deep, dark depths of the library.

My friend Caoimhe and I have been doing early morning 'boot camp' sessions round the park in an attempt to shed a few pounds. (I've now been cake free for two weeks... Its killing me.)

And I've been getting into the spirit of uni life as I enjoy my last four weeks as a student... Scary times!

But some of our sunbathing spots have been brilliant for people watching & I've been trying to soak up a lil' bit of vitamin D whilst taking breaks.

But of course, I've needed the odd Boss Burger every now & again to keep me motivated and sane.

I also managed to hop down to London for a day trip and to see my big brother, Ben. He's got this  amazing view over Alexandra Palace from his kitchen window that's pretty special.

But, the library hasn't been all doom & gloom and I've managed to go on a few ski socials and hockey charity events we've organised.
We cooked a meal for 20+ people at 50p a head for #livebelowtheline, it was such a great success & the atmosphere in the park was ace.

So, Emily has basically been working hard and playing hard. The only way to live if you ask me. 
I've got some posts/visits planned for next week after the big hand in so there will be some more exciting stuff on the blawg pretty soon.
Hope everyone's had fun in the sun!


  1. Urgh I feel your pain, I'm also currently writing my English dissertation due in a week after yours. Keep powering through, you can do it! I worked at Alexandra Palace for a few days last week, the view really is amazing! Beth xxx

  2. I too am loving the sun! It is torture having to go into the darkness of the library, but I now enjoy my walks to and fro rather than dreading them!


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