Friday, May 15

Adidas Supercolor, #allinforLeeds

Everyone needs a little bit of colour in their lives, and recently Adidas have taken this technicolour necessity to a new level.

Adidas have just launched their brand new 'supercolor' trainer that comes in an infinite array of shades that will suit each and every outfit and personality known to man.
To celebrate, the Adidas student ambassadors hosted a promo night at the truly epic Belgrave Music Hall (you can check out my blog post of their amazing street food fair here), in Leeds city centre.

With an ice cold cider in hand and the sun shining, we set about saying hello to some friendly facing and inspecting the rainbow of fifty different colours before us.

And of course, I couldn't help but have a nibble on one of their eye catching cupcakes...

But, this was no ordinary promo event... To be honest we weren't exactly sure what was planned when we arrived! 
After getting a little bit snap happy, we were told about a little competition that they had in store. 
We had one hour to take the best shot that we could with the luminous trainers and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #allinforLeeds... Challenge accepted!

Within seconds, Clare, Rosie, Smash & myself grabbed our favourites colours and dashed off down the bustling streets of central Leeds.

Our first idea?
Show off the trainers in a simple, usable manner... Why the heck not on an escalator?
It seemed like a good idea, except we forgot that escalators move...

Whilst it was blooming hilarious, we knew we could show off the trainers a bit better. 
So, why not prove that these colourful (and oh my gosh so, so comfy!) trainers suited a lot more than just walking around the uni campus? 
... How about over the roof tops of Leeds in one of the best & high end cocktail bars? 

And the rather charming bartender decided to help us create some wacky shots showing off our new kicks, high above the Leeds skyline.

We were loving life just hanging around.... Admiring the view.... And of course eyeing up our glorious, brightly coloured feet before us.

And of course, after all of our hard work and hanging about, we couldn't help but order a cheeky cocktail in the sunshine!

(Which on a side note to Adidas, I must admit were blooming good cocktails. I've been to Crafthouse a few times before, but I seriously need to blog about it before leaving Leeds. It's a classy bar with a fabulous view and great drinks. The dream.)

Luckily, we made it back to Belgrave just in time for the sunset and some amazing pizzas by Dough Boys. (Another thing I really need to blog about- I've actually made a little 'bucket list' of places I need to go after exams before leaving Leeds *sob*)

I also had the opportunity to meet the lovely Lucinda (on the left), another Leeds blogger/student, you can check out her brilliant slice of the internet here, The Fashion Fictionary.

A big thank you to Adidas for inviting me along to check out the new Supercolors, it was great fun & turned out to be an utter laugh. Out of 50 shades I'm still not sure what colour I'd pick... I have a feeling they're the sort of shoe you'd buy one pair of and then want every single shade known to man!

What colours would you all choose?
Or do you already own a pair of Adidas trainers yourselves?

If you fancy checking out some of the other shots from the day, have a gander at the hashtag #allinforLeeds on Instagram, there's some crackers!
Have a good weekend xx

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  1. LOVE this whole post, the lilac trainers are probably my faves. Trainers + cider + pizza = my dream! haha x


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